(Minghui.org) I was talking to people about Falun Gong at Zhongdong Market, Jilin City in early March when I saw an elderly lady sitting in a rest area. I sat down next to her and started telling her about Falun Gong and the persecution.

I told her that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) deprives Falun Gong practitioners of their right to freedom of belief and also harvests practitioners' organs for huge profits.

“I know of a person who has received such an organ,” she said.

A young man with a serious liver condition urgently needed a new one, but the doctors told him that he would have to wait a long time for a transplant.

His family searched for other options, and were told by a relative in Beijing, who holds a powerful position, that she would arrange for the man to have a liver transplant in the Beijing 301 Hospital.

When the family asked about the source of the organ, the relative said, “He practices Falun Gong. He's six feet tall and very healthy. Don't worry.”

Things happened very quickly, and the transplant cost a million yuan (~ $145,000 USD). Unfortunately, the man died a year later, despite receiving the new liver.

The elderly lady said, “I don't understand. The family member's life is important, but wasn't the Falun Gong practitioner's life also important? This is a monstrous crime! Heaven will reward good deeds, but evil deeds will face retribution.”

A year later, the Beijing relative's son, who was a student at Jilin University, developed a serious illness. The relative sent him to the United States for treatment. Though the surgery cost nearly a million yuan, her son eventually died. Wasn't this retribution?

The lady paused and said regretfully, “I had read about live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners in the leaflets delivered to my door, but I didn't believe it. Then I learned that it is real!”

We continued chatting and I talked about some other things related to the persecution. In the end, she withdrew her membership from the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers.