(Minghui.org) I graduated from college when I was 21 years old in 1986, and I was hired on to teach at my college. I was delighted and anticipated a brand new life ahead of me.

Diagnosed with Hepatitis B

During a routine physical exam, lab results showed that I had hepatitis B. At that point, I embarked on a long journey of one medical treatment after another. After a year passed with no improvement, I turned to Chinese medicine.

After two rounds of Chinese herbal treatments, I was still sick. I took six months off work and went to an out-of-town Chinese doctor that a relative had highly recommended. I stayed with my relative and went to see the doctor twice a week.

It took 2-3 hours round trip to see the doctor each time we went, and I had to cook all the herbs at night to make the medicinal soup, which tasted just awful. After six months, my lab results showed a slight improvement.

I went back to work, but still had to make and drink the herbal medicine daily. My lab results fluctuated over time, and I became depressed. I did not know how long this would go on. What about my future? What was the meaning of my life?

This went on for nine years. Later on, I got married and had a son. My son had a weak constitution and got sick a lot. I even tried different forms of qigong, but most of those practices were focused on profit. I did not get better, and I no longer trusted any type of qigong.

Discovering a Great Way

In 1995, I saw a notice for a free qigong class on campus. I was skeptical, but, since it was free, I asked my retired father to give it a try. My parents went for a few days and they both said it very good and asked me to learn it, too.

My husband was in a PhD program and was often in contact with poisonous substances. His health suffered and deteriorated, and he thought about taking a leave of absence.

We both attended the Falun Dafa class, listened to Master's Fa teachings, and learned the exercises from veteran practitioners. I learned a great deal from the nine lectures and understood many things that had puzzled me for a long time. I learned what really caused illnesses and how to eliminate them. I understood the meaning of life.

I threw away all my medicines that day and started doing the exercises with others every morning and studying the teachings twice a week in a group. I began to live by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and to work on improving my xinxing to become a better person.

Six months later, all my lab results were negative and my liver functions were back to normal! I finally felt what it was like to be illness-free. My husband's health improved, and he got his PhD.

Falun Dafa Cures My Brother’s Hepatitis B

My brother was also diagnosed with hepatitis B, and it almost disabled him. He was hospitalized three times in two years, and part of his liver hardened. His jaundice was so bad that his skin was bright yellow. His physician warned us that his condition was very serious and told us that we needed to be realistic about his chances.

I told my brother about my experience with Falun Dafa and asked him to give it a try, but he said that he did not believe in anything. After each hospitalization, he would improve a bit, but a few months later he would get sick again.

Two months after his third hospitalization, he had nausea and started vomiting again. He turned bright yellow all over, including his eyes. The hospital had nothing else to suggest, but his physician gave him folk remedies besides the regular medicine. He was instructed to drink his own urine every morning. We were heartbroken to see him suffer. He was so miserable that he agreed to try Falun Dafa after he was discharged.

After he was discharged three months later, he came to our home. His jaundice had gone away, but his complexion was greenish. After doing the exercises for a week, the greenish tint in his face faded away and his appetite improved. A month later, his face radiated a healthy glow. He improved on a daily basis and made a speedy recovery.

When he returned for a follow-up visit a month later, all of his lab results were normal! His physician could not believe that he once had severe liver disease.

My brother has been healthy ever since, and it has now been 20 years. Our whole family witnessed his amazing recovery and has supported Dafa, even during the persecution.

After the persecution began in 1999, my husband and I were detained, sentenced, and jailed for standing up for our faith. We lost our jobs and had to move to a different city to make a living. Even though life was tough, we firmly believe in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. We believe the Buddha light will illuminate everywhere and guide people back to the right path.