(Minghui.org) My sister has been practicing Falun Dafa for two years, during which time she has improved her xinxing and eliminated many of her attachments. However, she has not been able to let go of the notion that her family members won’t take up the practice.

Her husband's anal fissure recurred, there was blood in his stools, and he felt chilly and fatigued at work. He refused to take Western medicine or go to the hospital, but wanted her to buy either nutritional supplements and food, or traditional Chinese medicine to help his body make more blood.

She called me for advice since I used to suffer from chronic illnesses before practicing Falun Dafa. When I told her that he should practice Falun Dafa, she replied, “He is too hasty and can’t possibly practice.” I thought that if that’s truly the case, she will have to treat his illness using everyday people's methods instead.

She called me again a few days later about the same issue. After our conversation, I thought more about the issue and realized that I should help my sister overcome this tribulation.

I called her and suggested that she teach her husband the Dafa exercises. My sister refused because she strongly felt that her husband would not be able to handle any discomfort while doing the exercises, based on his personality and current situation.

I said that this was just her own notion, and that everyone has to pay off their karma, which comes in various forms.

I said to her, “He wants you to save him. He refuses to take Western medicine or get treated at the hospital, so this indicates that he may have a predestined relationship with Dafa. He wants to obtain the Fa, but your own notions are blocking him, and that isn’t right.” She finally agreed to teach him the exercises.

My sister called me the next morning and said that her husband was able to do the exercises without any problem.

This incident helped me realize that some of us may sometimes use our own judgment to decide who can and cannot practice Dafa. If so, we may miss many people who have predestined relationships with Dafa.