(Minghui.org) An article on the Minghui website discussed how some practitioners may remain on the earth after the Fa rectification to assist Master in the rectification of the human world.

We should never discuss such an issue, which was not addressed by Master. It is Master who is in charge and practitioners should not make assumptions on what Master will or will not do.

This article caused quite a stir among some practitioners. Master stated clearly that his disciples are “Fa-rectification Period Dafa Disciples.”

Purpose of Cultivation

Master said:

“As you know, a Buddha or a God can give up his life for living beings and for the interest of the universe; they can give up anything, and even remain unmoved by it.” (Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. Fa Conference)

The purpose of our cultivation is to become high level beings who will be responsible for Dafa and sentient beings in their respective universes. Therefore, we need to let go of all our attachments, such as selfishness and other human notions. Only then can we truly assimilate to the Fa and be responsible for sentient beings.

We just need to harmonize what Master wants. We should not have any wrong thoughts, or think about where Master will place us.

Any attachment could be taken advantage of by the old forces, and could result in additional tribulations. Once practitioners have loopholes on this issue, it can become an excuse for the old forces to persecute them.

Living for the Future, not the Past

Some practitioners have suffered greatly because of the persecution, and feel that they are below par when compared to fellow practitioners. Some even look for consolation from their previous lives.

Master has let us know that we were all glorious beings, such as Buddhas or Daos in different levels of heaven. But, that was all in the past.

Master has bestowed upon us the most solemn, magnificent title of “Fa rectification period Dafa disciples.” We need to live up to that title and do the three things well, so that we can go to the future universe.

If we don't do well, no matter how wonderful we were, we will not be recognized by Master and Dafa, and will be weeded out when the time comes.

Master said:

“There are not many opportunities for something like this, and I will not teach this way forever. I think that those who can listen to my lectures in person, I would say, honestly... you will realize in the future that this period of time is extremely precious.” (Zhuan Falun)

We are the luckiest lives in the universe because we are Master's disciples during the Fa rectification period. We made a vow before we came to the human world to save people.

Once we understand our mission, it will be easier to pass the many tribulations that come our way.

Passing Tribulations

When we encounter trials and tribulations, if we only endure and eliminate interference, the effect may not be good most of the time. However, if we look at everything from the perspective of the Fa-rectification, it would be easier to pass the test.

For example, when our body encounters sickness karma, if we first look inward and try to find out what is wrong on our part, and then send righteous thoughts to eliminate it, it will be easier to pass such a test.

Eliminating the old forces' persecution of our body is not for the sake of comfort. It is to not let the old lives commit crimes, and not letting everyday people misunderstand Dafa. In other words, we overcome tribulations not for our own sake, but for the purpose of Fa-rectification.

If we could always look at things from the perspective of the Fa-rectification and save people when encountering problems, it would benefit our universe and the environment around us.