(Minghui.org) Many Falun Dafa practitioners say that they have read Zhuan Falun so many times that they know the next sentence by heart.

I don't think that studying the Fa this way allows us to see the deeper meaning behind the words. I, too, was in this state.

I became frustrated because I wished to understand the deeper principles of the Fa, but when I studied the Fa, the concepts of atheism and modern science that I had been educated in blocked me and made me judge what I was reading with human notions. Subconsciously, I also added or omitted words.

When I read Master's teachings this way, I couldn't understand how profound Dafa is. I was just reading the books, not studying the Fa.

I remained in this state for a long time. I thought that I had been cultivating for years, but realized that I did not understand many of the deeper principles of the Fa. I decided to memorize Master's teachings and truly focus on every word. After I began doing this, when I read the books, I could feel my being completely changing. The profound meaning behind the words was revealed to me and I understood them.

First, I did not force myself to recite a certain number of pages every day. I realized that memorizing a preset number of pages would only lead to the mentality of completing a task. Instead, I decided to try to understand the profound meaning of the words no matter how many sentences I memorized.

Second, I believe that there are countless divine beings behind each word in Master's books. I reminded myself that I was reading the great Fa that created the universe and that I must maintain a respectful attitude when I study the Fa.

Third, I set aside all my ordinary thoughts and kept studying the Fa without pursuing anything. I wanted all my particles, from the most microscopic to the macroscopic, to unconditionally assimilate to Dafa.

Studying the Fa continuously like this has helped me experience how profound Dafa is. I could feel myself becoming more focused and rational. The more I study, the happier I am.