(Minghui.org) Beings at high levels of the cosmos are pure, at ease, and have no attachment or desires. However, selfishness spreads like wildfire among sentient beings, taking over humankind. Human beings have to labor for what they want, rely on external materials to live, and are no longer satisfied with what they have.

Master said,

“Human selfishness, greed, stupidity, and ignorance are interwoven with the goodness inherent in human nature, and humans are unknowingly creating everything they will have to bear; this is currently swallowing up society.” (“Remaking Mankind” from Essentials for Further Advancement)

Beings at lower levels are infatuated with the pursuit of material life and sensual pleasure.

For a person who desires to cultivate to higher levels, the less he wants material things and sensual pleasures, the more he is extricated from this material world.

Beyond Material Pleasures

Cultivators also have many hidden desires, which are believed to be normal among human beings. Women enjoy the attention of men; those who live by themselves enjoy the warmth of others' company; people enjoy the pleasures of eating, playing, traveling, and much more.

Even cultivators pursue what they do not have, but forget what they used to have – the most beautiful, purest, and sacred of things.

A diligent cultivator of Falun Dafa experiences the joy of uplifting himself or herself once they have reached another understanding of the Fa. It's a feeling both solemn and extraordinary, and by far exceeds the need for material and sensual pleasures.

The Seed of Mankind's Sin

Mankind has both Buddha nature and demon nature. Our biological foundation also includes demon nature. Demons may expand upon one's demon nature and take control over one's sexual desires in an effort to destroy the individual.

Demons have planted the seeds of sin in mankind – which is pleasure. Pleasure is difficult to recognize and cast off. The human body enjoys the pleasure of and becomes addicted to the stimulation of sexual activity, which eventually becomes a tool for demons to steal inborn energy from people.

The true nature of this demon is difficult to discern. It has occupied human bodies and controlled human thoughts for millions of years. The reason that people do not give up sexual desire is actually because the demon has clawed itself into human bodies, and people mistake it as their own need and the normal condition of their bodies.

One who indulges himself or herself becomes chosen by the demon, who provides a little pleasure for minor addictions, such as smoking and drinking, and gives greater pleasure for sins like indulgence in drugs and sexual promiscuity. Only a demon gives humans this kind of pleasure.

Accepting temptation and indulging in desires is equivalent to giving one's body to demons. Thus, a portion of the person's heavenly body is contaminated and degraded. Resisting temptations is the first step on the path to the divine.

When faced with temptation, our first thought should be “Eliminate it!” We can rid ourselves of the demon with righteous thoughts and strong determination! Don't leave even a tiny residue. Even a minor, unnoticeable remnant could rise again later on.

Fellow practitioners, let's make sure not to destroy our divine body for minor, temporary pleasures. We have the greatest Master. We ought to realize our responsibility as Falun Dafa disciples, and walk the most righteous path.

Do you want to be a human in the end, or do you truly want to be a divine being?

Finding the Way Out of Degradation

Practitioners who have made mistakes when it comes to lust and sexual desires should not feel hopeless and give up. All that is needed is to look inward to see where one has stumbled.

Seriously and solidly cultivate by following Master's teachings. There are also helpful editorials and outstanding sharing articles concerning this topic on the Minghui website.

Sending forth righteous thoughts is crucial. It's difficult to clean oneself completely in just one try, as one requires intensive cleansing of the body many times.

Practitioners have to be alert and clear-headed on this issue when interference comes.

Master said,

“It doesn’t matter what so-called Buddha, what Dao, what Deity, or what demon it is—they can’t sway me.” (Zhuan Falun)

As we cultivate to higher and higher levels, we should be able to break away from the attractions of external factors at every level, and no longer be beholden to selfish desires. We are heading towards our true origin and perfection. If we are still moved by external factors, it will cause an imbalance in our realms.