(Minghui.org) Dongling Prison in Shenyang has committed numerous crimes in their intensive campaign since 2012 to “transform” Falun Gong practitioners, or force them to renounce their faith, often through physical and mental torture. As part of this campaign, inmates were instigated to abuse practitioners in exchange for reduced sentences and special treatment.

In the last few years, Ward 7 has been used to “transform” newly arrested Falun Gong practitioners. The policemen in charge were Ju Chuanzai (ID: 2112111) and Yang Mingzhen. Ju is now under investigation, while Yang Mingzhen is still the police brigade leader.

Newly arrived practitioners are tormented with brainwashing and violent threats, deprived of sleep, shocked with electric batons, and brutally beaten. The perpetrators also use other means to try to force practitioners to renounce their belief, such as pulling out their pubic hair and force-feeding them urine. At the same time, the perpetrators also try to lure practitioners with promises of term reductions in exchange for giving up their belief.

In a darkened room on the second floor of the “Education Section”, the victim is forced to sit on a “small stool,” with two inmates taking turns to monitor the victim. They beat the victim as soon as the victim closes his/her eyes.

When Falun Gong practitioner Liu Haitao from Fushun was detained in Dongling Prison, police instructor Ju Chuanzai used prisoners to “transform” him using sleep deprivation, beatings, and squeezing his genitals, which caused excruciating pain.

Mr. Zhu Zuohai is a practitioner from Anshan in his 60s. He is blind in one eye and has a crippled leg. In the prison, Mr. Zhu was deprived of sleep, beaten, and made to do forced labor.

Mr. Cong Ming from Liaozhong was deprived of sleep for seven to eight days straight until he showed symptoms of a severe heart condition, as well as coughing and spitting up blood. He was coughing up blood months after he was transferred to another ward.

Mr. Han Baolai from Haicheng was deprived of sleep for long periods of time and developed serious cardiac symptoms. He had severe headaches, acute pain in his eyes, and elevated blood pressure. He was sent to the emergency room in the prison hospital.

Mr. Han is now blind in one eye and has a serious heart condition, headaches, and eye pain.

Mr. Han has been writing to prison officials since May 2016 about the persecution he has suffered and demands that the inmate perpetrators be reprimanded. A section head did not meet with Mr. Han until the end of 2016. The section head showed no intention of addressing the issues Mr. Han brought up in his letters and told him not to write any more letters.

The inmate whom Mr. Han had asked the prison to punish for torturing him was rewarded with an early release.

Mr. Zhang Yuyang from Benxi was illegally arrested and taken to Dongling Prison in 2014. He was tortured so badly that he suffered hematochezia for months and still has not fully recovered.

The prison promised to release him in April 2016, but he is still in prison at the time of writing a year later. He continues to do forced labor for 14 hours every day.

Mr. Pei Zhenbo from Dalian was taken to Dongling Prison in 2014. After a month of torture at the hands of Ju Chuanzai, his blood pressure shot up to 240 and has not returned to normal.

Mr. Pei is forced to work 14 hours a day. He fainted while doing forced labor on December 5, 2016 but was still made to work the same number of hours.

Mr. Jin Junbo, 56, is an employee at Benxi Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. He was arrested in 2014 while posting messages about the persecution of Falun Gong and sentenced to 10 years in prison. His term was later reduced to nine years.

His life is now in danger after three years of persecution in Dongling Prison. He has been sent to Hospital 739 (a police force hospital). Mr. Jin has not been able to eat for over two weeks and shows symptoms of hemorrhaging in the brain and stomach. Dongling Prison officials also tried to extort 20,000 to 30,000 yuan from his elder sister in exchange for granting him medical parole.

Mr. Tong Haibo from Chaoyang City was sentenced to three years in prison on October 27, 2014 and transferred to Dongling Prison in April 2015.

He was subjected to cruel torture for the first month at the hands of Ju Chuanzai and others, who forbade him to sleep for long hours, pulled out his pubic hair, force-fed him urine, and gave him violent beatings. Mr. Tong could not endure the torture and was forced to give up his faith against his will.

Mr. Wang Pengyi from Fushun and Mr. Sun Yi from Dandong were taken to Dongling Prison in April 2016.

On May 13, while other newly arrived detainees were transferred to other wards, Mr. Wang and Mr. Sun were kept behind and taken to separate rooms.

Mr. Sun was taken to a room on the second floor of the prison's education building. The wall and the floor of the room were covered with foam to prevent people from committing suicide. Mr. Sun had five inmates assigned to monitor him and more prisoners to “transform” him.

In the first two days, Mr. Sun was not harmed until they began a brainwashing session. Others in the prison could hear Mr. Sun’s screams from the torture.

On the afternoon of May 16, Mr. Wang Pengyi was taken to the same torture chamber as Mr. Sun was taken away.

The perpetrators didn’t do anything to Mr. Wang for two days. On May 19, the culprits took turns talking with him. When Mr. Wang refused to give up his faith and tried to reason with them, they abused him and forbade him to sleep.

Sun Peng, one of the perpetrators, slapped Mr. Wang’s face with the sole of a shoe until Mr. Wang’s face became misshaped and his head was badly swollen. He could not think clearly and his vision became blurred from the slapping.

Mr. Wang suffered another round of beatings and interrogation on the evening of May 22. This session lasted until 3:00 am the next morning. He was sent to Ward 5 on June 6.

Mr. Wang Qing, 61, from Chaoyang City was taken to Ward 7, where perpetrator Sun Peng abused Mr. Wang until he exhibited mental confusion, high blood pressure and, finally, a heart attack.

Mr. Chao Minggang, 61, from Jinzhou City, was already suffering hemiplegia with a blood pressure reading of 280 when he was taken to Dongling Prison. He was still subjected to threats and deception when the perpetrators tried to brainwash him.

The above accounts are only the tip of the iceberg. Many more Falun Gong practitioners have suffered horrific persecution in Dongling Prison.