(Minghui.org) After I submitted an article to the Minghui website, it was time for sending forth righteous thoughts. I saw an image of me flying to a round structure, and I was aware that this was a representation of my article arriving at Minghui's mailbox.

I looked at the Minghui mailboxes and they had various images of cultivators. None of the images were the same since the cultivators' origins were different. Because of this, their understandings varied, and their individual cultivation states and attachments were not the same, either.

The editors seemed to categorize the articles; in the other dimension, various types of performers were arranged into different lines behind stages, waiting for their turn to play. For their roles, they might need to change to different costumes, or add another piece of jewelry. This was like how the editor would change the title or tweak the content of an article.

When it was time for the players to perform (it was also the time in human dimension for the article to be published), they stepped out onto their respective stages. These individual stages, representing each article, could combine into a large one that was viewable to the entire cosmos.

Each show was unique and contained its own intricate meanings and connotations. They were performed to inspire, enlighten, and awaken the sentient beings who were still not awakened to the truth yet.

This stage also revealed the state and realms of various gods. It was eye-opening for the celestial beings and terrifying for evil beings.

During the entire process, Master, as well as all the righteous gods, watched and guarded the performances, making sure that the performers would not be disturbed.

After witnessing that, I felt that submitting articles to Minghui was a serious and sacred matter. We all should have righteous thoughts and a sense of solemnity when doing so.