(Minghui.org) I have passed the age of 60 and was chronically ill for decades before I practiced Falun Dafa. I was bedridden and thus of no help when it came to household chores.

The turning point in my life arrived in 1996, when I began to practice Falun Dafa. My health improved and I was no longer an invalid. Witnessing the changes in me, my family was very supportive, and they continued to be after the persecution started three years later.

Because I knew Falun Dafa was responsible for my good health, I realized that I needed to tell others the facts about this meditation practice. I wanted to make sure that they did not blindly believe the hate propaganda being generated by the communist party.

To that end, I have distributed Falun Dafa informational materials in almost all the villages in my area over the past years. I’ve also made sure they receive updated information.

I go out in all kinds of weather. I even distribute information on the communist regime's sensitive days, the time when officials tend to carry out large-scale arrests.

Letting Go of Fear

When I first went out to tell people about Dafa, it was not easy. I dared not talk to a crowd and stayed away from busy areas. I only approached when there were no more than three people together.

In another village, I saw many people gathered outside a store. I was afraid and went on. When I saw three people next to a wall, I spoke to one of them and offered him a pamphlet.

The man refused to take it and asked if I practiced Dafa.

“Our local police arrest Falun Dafa practitioners,” he said. “I won't take your pamphlet. You'd better leave.”

I hesitated and wondered what to do next. Just then, an elderly man started to walk by, and one of the fellows next to the wall said that I should approach him. However, he claimed that this man would not accept Dafa materials.

I plucked up my courage and talked to the elderly man. He accepted one pamphlet and asked for two more. I thanked him and explained to him the importance of the brochures.

One of the other men was surprised and asked the old man if he wasn’t afraid to accept such things.

“Of course not,” said the old man, who then turned to me and said, “I will take anything you give me. You just need to do whatever you should do — and ignore these three men!”

Master was encouraging me and I was very thankful. That prompted me to go back to the store and give out brochures, which I did without any problem.

Letting People Know the Truth about Dafa

Since then I have gone out to tell people about Dafa and my family members have supported me. Before I leave, I do the exercises, send forth righteous thoughts, and study the Fa. This allows me to radiate good energy.

I look for places where there are big crowds. I tell them the facts about Dafa and distribute my materials. Many people in nearby villages recognize me and are happy to see me. If I run out materials, they show me where they live and ask me to drop off materials inside their door next time.

There were also times when someone cursed at or threatened me. After I shared how I became healthy and how I benefited from Dafa, they changed their attitude. If I had not studied the Fa before leaving and sent righteous thoughts, things might not have worked out so well.

When trying to find a place to put up posters I consulted some people as to what I should do. One person pointed to a bulletin board nearby. I was hesitant and said that I could put them up on electrical poles.

“We were told that no posters are to be put on electrical poles,” one said. “Why not the bulletin board? We will have elections soon, and higher level officials will come, too. Go for it!” Another person encouraged me, and I took their advice.

A man reads a Falun Gong poster in Hubei Province, China

Quitting the CCP and Its Youth Organizations

When I saw an elderly man sitting next to a bridge, I stopped and chatted with him. He told me that he was 84 and had been a soldier in many conflicts. When I told him about quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), he showed quite a bit of interest.

“When I joined the Party,” he said, “I was young and was in the military. One officer told us that people would quit the Party in the future. He said he would not live long enough for that, but we would. I’m glad to hear about it from you today.”

He agreed to renounce the CCP and its youth organizations. So did two people who also had listened to our conversation.