(Minghui.org) It was very cold when I was released from prison. When I got to my father's home, I lowered my head and did not know what to say. My father said that there was food on the table. The food was still warm, he must have heated it up again and again.

“Why were you so stubborn,” began my father. “When your workplace was going to bail you out and you could go back to work, all you had to do was write a guarantee statement that you would not practice Falun Dafa. Why did you refuse and look for trouble?”

“Dad, it's not that,” I said. “I want a good life, but I cannot betray my conscience for it. Practicing Falun Dafa has brought me good health, happiness, and turned me into a better person.”

Father Finally Understood the Truth About Dafa

My mother died when I was young, and my husband left our one-year-old daughter and me. My father, close to 80 years old, took care of my daughter during the four years of my imprisonment.

While in prison, I was thinking of ways to help my father understand the truth about Dafa, because he had refused to listen in the past.

On my way home from prison, my daughter begged me in tears, “Mother, please stop practicing. I cannot live without you again!”

“My life was given by Falun Dafa,” I replied, “and it was for Dafa that I came to the earth. I could give up anything for you, but not Dafa. If you truly love me, then I ask that you to please support my practice!”

That night, my father listened to what I had gone through in prison. He cried and said that he would imprison all the bad people who persecuted Falun Dafa if he had the power. He asked a lot of questions and finally understood everything and agreed to support me.

He stopped watching CCTV News and put a sign on the television screen that said “Falun Dafa is Good!” in two colors. He repeated “Falun Dafa is Good” every day and told his friends that they would benefit by repeating those words.

He used paper currency with the words Falun Dafa written on them. He told me that people knew those bills were from him. I encouraged him not to be afraid.

“I'm not afraid,” he proclaimed. “As long as there are people badmouthing Falun Dafa, I'm upset. So please give me stickers with the words 'Falun Dafa is Good,' and I will put them up everywhere!”

When I invited him to also practice Dafa he said, “I have too many selfish motives and interests, and cannot let go of sentiment. I'm not able to practice cultivation, but I can recite 'Falun Dafa is Good!' I support your practice.”

He even woke me up every morning, even before my alarm went off, when it was time to send righteous thoughts and meditate. He also made me a mat for the sitting meditation.

People Are Receptive to Hearing About Dafa

I was once clarifying the facts to a man in his 30s, and he accepted the Dafa brochures. I then noticed that he followed me. I wondered if he was an undercover officer, but immediately realized my thoughts were not upright and removed them.

I approached him and asked why he was following me.

He said that he just knew that I was a good person and did not really know why he followed me. I asked him not to follow me, but to keep thinking about the sentences “Falun Dafa is Good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is Good,” and he would benefit.

I met a man in his 80s whose entire body, especially his limbs, were shaking. When he agreed to withdraw from the Communist Party, I gave him an amulet. As soon as he read what was written on it, his arms stopped shaking. When I ran into him later, he told me that he was not shaking any more because he and his family kept repeating “Falun Dafa is Good.”

Not All People Will Listen

I often run into plainclothes officers or people from the police department. When I clarified the facts to a young man, he showed me his police ID and asked if I was afraid and to stay safe. I suggested to him that he repeat in his mind “Falun Dafa is Good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is Good!”.

When I spoke to a man in his early 50s, he asked me to follow him to a building. When I realized it was a police station, I hesitated and wondered what I should do.

I then thought, the fact that I ran into him indicated that we had a predestined relationship. With Master and the Fa, what was I afraid of! I followed him into the office. It was lunch time and nobody was there. I then finished clarifying the facts about Dafa to him and helped him quit the Communist Party and its youth organizations.

I study three to five lectures inZhuan Falun, the main book of Dafa,and practice all five sets of exercises daily. I make sure my thoughts are in line with the Fa. I understand that only by cultivating myself well can my righteous thoughts be strong.

When telling people about Dafa, sometimes people hit me, or spit in my face. Some have even tried to drag me to the police station. I was calm and held no resentments towards them. I would later be in tears when I thought that I could not help them understand the truth about Dafa.

I will always believe in Master and the Fa. Nothing can and will change that!