(Minghui.org) Teacher has talked about the interference to Fa-rectification by the old forces. He also told us to negate the old forces arrangements at all times.

Teacher said:

“Now as practitioners, if in this tribulation you can manage not to acknowledge the old forces' arrangements, then you can make it through. And those who haven't done well, the bottom line is, aren't you acknowledging the old forces' arrangements?” (Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference)

Master Has the Last Say

Three practitioners and I were putting up truth-clarification stickers on May 23, 2014, in the countryside. All three of us were arrested. When we were interrogated separately, we talked about Falun Gong and advised the officers not to participate in the persecution. We refused to sign any documents. However, only I was released, while the others were taken to a detention center.

My children were very concerned and tried to stop me from going out again. I only had one thought: “Only Master tells me what I should do. If I were scared and hid at home, wouldn't I be complying with the old forces' intentions?” The next day, I went to talk to people about Falun Gong.

Domestic Security Division police officers arrested me six days later. They attempted to take me to a detention center while I talked to them about Falun Gong and quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations.

I began to realize that me being held in the detention center was arranged by the old forces. I kept my faith in Master, and they released me after I had a physical.

Trapped by Sentimentality

My children worried that I would be arrested for distributing Falun Gong materials. They asked me not to go out again because they were worried about my safety.

“You know your mother is a good person,” I said. “I regained my health only after I practiced Falun Gong. Other than my Teacher, no one has the right to make arrangements for me.”

The authorities later told my son that if he signed certain documents, they would leave me alone and that I would not have to appear in court.

Actually, the old forces have tried to use sentimentality for family members to persecute practitioners repeatedly and to ruin their family members. Some practitioners were trapped by family affection and did not dare state their stance. They ended up being confined by their children, which was just what the old forces wanted.

Being Straightforward

I came to understand that I should be straightforward when faced with the persecution, as this was also negating the old forces’ arrangements.

When the notice to appear in court was delivered to my home, the address of the court was not noted on the document. I told them that, since they were afraid to put the address, I would not show up.

Then they said that the trial would be held at the detention center instead. I chastised them and asked if they were afraid to be transparent.

On the day I was to appear in court, several dozen people surrounded my home. I remembered what Teacher said: “Don’t voluntarily let the evil take you away.” (“Rationality” in Essentials for Further Advancement II)

I decided to keep my door shut. They said they were from the police department and the court.

“Why do police departments and the courts persecute good people,” I said for everyone to hear. “Why are you persecuting me, an elderly Falun Gong practitioner? I want to sue you, and I want people all over the world to hear what you are doing!”

They called my son, who agreed to accompany me and take me home after the trial. I demanded that the person give his name and title. After I opened the door, I said to the chief of the Domestic Security Division, in front of everyone, “You made me the defendant, so you must be the plaintiff. Tell me which law I violated. Show me the proof!” He was speechless.

When we left the apartment building, I saw many people from the neighborhood. I shouted, “It is a terrible thing to persecute Falun Gong!”

Teacher said:

“Why should you, a Dafa disciple, fear the evil ones when enduring persecution? The crux of the matter is that you have attachments. If not, do not endure passively, and face the evil people with righteous thoughts at all times.” (“Dafa Disciples’ Righteous Thoughts are Powerful” from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

The trial ended within half an hour. The judge only let the prosecutor to speak and refused to allow me to defend myself.

Ineffective Sentencing

About six months after the trial, I was told that I was sentenced to three-and-half-years in prison. Practitioners and my family were extremely worried about me. But I was thinking about how to negate the old forces' arrangements further.

Although I was sentenced on June 1, I was not notified until June 9. This gave me no time to appeal the sentence, and I thought that it was a hint from Teacher that I should not appeal.

After studying the Fa, I understood that the judicial procedures, including issuing an arrest warrant, prosecuting, having a trial, sentencing, and appealing to the next level court, were part of the CCP system and were restricting us.

These were the old forces' arrangements. Teacher doesn't recognize the old forces; therefore, I should not be beholden to the CCP's judicial process.

I began a different kind of truth-clarification. I wrote about my having benefited from Dafa, that I had been imprisoned twice, and how my family was impacted. Then I distributed the print-out. It allowed me to explain the facts about Falun Gong in a broad scope. Clarifying the truth is the road to negating the old forces.

I mailed it out to the judge, then to the chief of the Domestic Security Division. Then other practitioners and I distributed it throughout the city to expose the persecution. I also distributed my complaint against Jiang Zemin, the former dictator who launched the persecution of Falun Gong, to everyone involved in persecuting me.

Things are very good now. The verdict document is like a blank piece of paper and has no effect on me. No one came to harass me.

I feel that I was on the path of what Teacher arranged by “completely negating the old forces' arrangements” and was able to create a genuinely favorable environment for myself.

Teacher said,

“When disciples have ample righteous thoughtsMaster has the power to turn back the tide” (“The Master-Disciple Bond” from Hong Yin Volume II)