(Minghui.org) My daughter Yangyang is four years old. When she was three, she went to a daycare owned by a Falun Dafa practitioner. Every day, her teacher read the Fa and did the five sets of exercises with her.

Before summer break, her teacher asked her what she did at home. She said that her father told her stories, her grandfather played with her, her grandmother taught her to read Hong Yin, and her mother taught her to read Zhuan Falunand reminded her to cultivate her xinxing.

I was surprised when I heard what she had told her teacher, and realized that I should teach her to read Zhuan Falun.

We began by reading one page every night before she went to bed. I pointed to the characters in the book as I read and she followed along. In the beginning, she could not stay focused or sit still. After reading a few sentences, she wanted to do something else.

When I irritably told her to focus on studying the Fa, she replied, “Mom, you got angry. When you get angry, the materials from anger will come.” I realized that her not being able to sit still while studying was a test for me.

Although it only took 15 minutes to teach her to read one page on the first day, I was already tired. My family was not confident that she could learn to read the Fa, but I did not worry and continued to teach her.

Gradually, we finished reading the first lecture. This gave me more confidence to continue with the second lecture, even though Yangyang still liked to play around. To get her to sit still and take Fa-study seriously, I promised to tell her interesting stories after we finished reading. She would then sit in a half-lotus position while we studied.

At first, she could only sit in a half-lotus position for a short period of time. She could later sit in a full-lotus position for over 30 minutes. After sitting for a longer time, she asked, “Mom, I have just suffered. Has my black material turned into white material?”

After we finished reading the fifth lecture, I was too busy to study the Fa with her for several days. One night, she said, “Mom, I can't sleep because we haven't studied the Fa for so long.”

I realized that this was a hint from Master, and I quickly got up to study with her. I told her that we would start reading two pages each day beginning with lecture six, and we would no longer sit on the bed to read, but at the desk.

Yangyang changed a lot after we made the changes, and she no longer caused trouble as she did before. She is now able to calm down before studying and asks many questions that a three-year-old would not normally ask. I sometimes don't even know how to answer her questions.

One day, on our way home from school, she asked what “trustworthy” meant after seeing it written on a wall. I told her that trustworthy was fulfilling what one has promised.

Later that night while we were studying, she said, “Mom, I promise that I will seriously study tonight, and I will not talk or do anything. If I can do that, I am trustworthy!”

She was also able to understand many Chinese characters. She knew many traditional characters that I did not know since she studied traditional Chinese characters at school. Every day when we studied the Fa, she told me to write down the characters that she did not know, so she could learn to write them in the correct stroke order.

Yangyang now often reminds me to study the Fa with her before going to bed. One night when I went out, she refused to go to bed because she wanted to wait for me to study the Fa with her. I was very moved!

After four months of studying, we finished reading the entire book. The night we had finished reading the book, Yangyang dreamed of flying up to Heaven.

I hope practitioners with children will lead them to study the Fa well. Since they come for the Fa, it is important to encourage them to fulfill their vows.