(Minghui.org) I live in a remote area and am in my 70s. I started practicing Falun Gong 18 years ago and have been healthy ever since.

I have very little education and have never written anything, but now I want to write down and share with people what I have gained from Falun Gong.

Pulled Out of Misery

I had suffered from scores of illnesses—a stomach disease, headaches, a fractured back lumbar, tuberculosis, leg bone hyperplasia, arthritis, and a skin rupture in my right palm, to name a few. Everything in my body had deteriorated when I was diagnosed of severe sinusitis in 1998. Pus constantly leaked from my nose. I tried medication, injections, and IVs. After three surgeries, the sinusitis only worsened. Doctors told me that it could be cancer.

My family was in poor financial shape. My sons worked odd jobs out of town to support the entire family. My wife had contracted tuberculosis and was critically ill. I cared for her and our three grandchildren. I also farmed, raised pigs, cows, and sheep. I also did the household chores. Life was really difficult and miserable.

A relative told me that Falun Gong might help cure my illnesses and lessen the pain. I bought a copy of Zhuan Falun and Great Way of Spiritual Perfection.

After doing the Falun Gong exercises on the fourth day, my head hurt as if it was cracking open. It stopped hurting in the afternoon. My throat began to hurt a week later. I was not worried and knew that Teacher was cleansing my body for me.

When I did the exercises a week later, I spat out two thumb-sized lumps of feces. Later that day, the same type of feces came out of my nose. A dozen days later, my nose was no longer congested, and I could breathe again. After that, however, I began to have bloody nose about twice a day. This lasted for about three months. However, the nose cancer was completely cured.

I later began to cough constantly, so I knew that Teacher was cleaning my lungs now. No matter how miserable I felt, I endured all the pain because I remembered what Teacher said: “When it’s difficult to endure, you can endure it. When it’s impossible to do, you can do it.” (Zhuan Falun)

Before, I had not been able to eat anything hard, raw, or cold due to my stomach condition. Falun Gong also cured my stomach problems.

Genuine Faith

My faith in Dafa has been genuine and sincere from the very beginning, so I have never slacked in my cultivation. I read the Falun Gong books and do the exercises every day.

Since the onset of the persecution in 1999, I volunteered to deliver updated materials of Falun Gong to practitioners who live about ten miles away. I walk there and come back in one day without feeling tired at all.

I joined other practitioners in 2015 in filing criminal complaints against former Chinese dictator Jiang Zemin, who launched the illegal persecution of Falun Gong. I also talk to people and put up posters to help them understand Falun Gong and the persecution.

Although I have been arrested five times, my house has been ransacked multiple times by police, and I have been extorted out of money by the authorities, my faith in Falun Gong has never wavered.

Teacher Protects Me

Teacher helps harmonize my environment for me. A piece of bone chip was stuck in my throat for six hours, but it came out by itself after all my attempts to remove it failed.

The MP3 player that I used to play the exercise music was broken. I did not have money to buy a new one, so I asked Teacher to help me. A few minutes later, it began to work again.

The brake of my three-wheeled motorized cart suddenly broke while I was driving it downhill near a highway ramp. At the same time, a car was exiting the highway very quickly and driving directly toward me. As we were about to collide, my cart ran straight forward across the highway ramp and then stopped after hitting the roadside bar. The front of the cart was damaged, but I was not injured at all.

On another occasion, I was hit by a car. One of its tires ran over my foot, but it was not injured.

When I cultivate myself in Falun Gong, Teacher helps resolve all the tribulations for me. Thank you, Teacher!