(Minghui.org) The Chinese Supreme Court and Supreme Procuratorate recently published a judicial interpretation for Article 300 of Criminal Law. Because the communist party usually charges practitioners using this law and the judicial interpretation included examples such as distributing pamphlets, something practitioners often do when telling people the facts about Falun Gong, some practitioners are worried about this situation. Below are some of my understandings of this based on recent Fa-study.

In “Fa Teaching at the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference”, Master said,

“I oppose the persecution, as I completely reject the old forces. Do you think that the suppressions Buddhism underwent in the past or the three hundred years of persecution that the Christians went through were because the evil overpowered the forces of good? No, that’s not why that happened. Those were cases of divine beings utilizing unbridled evil in order to perfect their disciples, to help their people reach consummation! The further that things now progress, the closer the end becomes. Once the wicked despot is brought to justice, won’t all of this come to an end, and the next phase begin? (Master nods with a look of seriousness.) Many of us haven’t made the most of this window of time.”

Many of us could feel changes in the environment over the last few years, because more people have learned the facts about Falun Gong. Some police officers are even reluctant to persecute practitioners now, because they fear the consequences. Similar situations have also occurred in other government agencies.

Even if some thugs in the communist regime want to sustain the suppression, they will not be able to maintain it for long. This is because the majority of the vicious forces have been eliminated. This is therefore an opportunity for us practitioners to step forward in validating the Fa.

In “Fa Teaching at the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference”, Master said,

“What you can do is to reject the old forces. You can’t really alter this system of things that they arranged. Master is able to, but I must not, because if I were to do so at this point, my destroying their things would destroy everything; each and every thing would be ruined. So I try to beat them at their own game—that’s the way to do it. They aren’t able to affect the fundamental things. So as Dafa disciples you should just firm up your righteous thoughts, and do well with what you need to do. If you can manage to really do well in all three regards, nobody will dare to touch you.”

Although elements of the old forces still exist, we practitioners are able to walk the path arranged by Master. The time is limited and it is an opportunity for us to do the three things well. If the environment appears better or worse on the surface, it should not affect us at all.

Some practitioners simply hope the persecution will end sooner. I think we should ask ourselves: how well have we cultivated? Have we fulfilled our vows? Have we saved the sentient beings waiting for us?

After experiencing a long time in history and enduring tremendous suffering, we have made it to today. This is the best time for us to do things as Dafa disciples and to leave no regrets for the future.