(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1996, but stopped after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) banned it in China. I picked it up again in 2013. I experienced a few supernormal things right after I came back.

Back to Dafa

I was depressed and lost during the ten years that I left Falun Dafa, until one day in 2013. I watched a TV program where a once-very-wealthy man with a prominent family lost everything.

“There is no everlasting thing in the human world,” I said to myself.

Then I thought of Dafa, which taught us why we are in the human world and the real purpose of life.

I had the urge to go back to Dafa, but would Master take me back?

I didn't have the courage to seek help from other practitioners, so I said to myself, “Let me try to exercise. If I can feel the energy, it means that Master still takes care of me and I can cultivate.”

I closed the door and did the Falun Standing Stance exercise. Shortly after, I felt an energy flow running from inside my body to my arms. There was an energy field there! Suddenly, my left leg was pushed forward and a thought came clearly into my mind: “Keep walking firmly!”

Wasn't this a hint from Master that I should continue my cultivation? I was overjoyed!

I started sitting exercise the next day. I felt that Master had cleansed my body.

A few days later, during the sitting exercise, I felt a message in my mind: “Fellow practitioners will bring a brand new Zhuan Falun book and other books to you.”

An elderly practitioner brought me a new copy of Zhuan Falun in a few days. I got the rest of the books soon, too.

I read all Master's books in one month. I felt Dafa's greatness and solemnity. I knew that it was because Master didn't give up on me that I could come back to practice Dafa again.

I tried hard to do well the three things that Master told practitioners to do: study the Fa, send forth the righteous thoughts, and tell people about Dafa and the CCP's persecution of it.

I went to see former practitioners and shared my experiences with them, trying to help them come back to Dafa also. I also told people I knew that Falun Dafa is good.

Under my influence, my mother, sister, wife, and two aunts all came back to cultivation. We filed lawsuits against Jiang Zemin, the former CCP leader who launched the persecution of Falun Gong. We didn't worry about whether the CCP would retaliate against us.

Purifying Ceremony

I experienced a supernormal event shortly after I restarted my Dafa practice.

A pile of wet concrete fell from a concrete truck on the road in front of my store. It would be hard to remove it once it dried up. Even worse, cars were driving around it at a high speed, creating a dangerous situation.

No one was doing anything about it, partly because it was dangerous to clean it and partly because it was not their business.

I said to myself, “Master told us to be a good person, and a cultivator should be better than an everyday good person. If I didn't take care of this, am I behaving like a cultivator?”

I went to the middle of the road, and shoveled the wet stones and mud out of the way for half an hour. Many people passing by smiled at me and thanked me.

I felt a strong energy when I did the Falun Standing Stance exercise that night. My whole body was full of energy. When I did the “Holding the Wheel Above the Head,” the energy was so strong that it pulled my arms apart. I had to use a lot of force to keep my arms in the circular position.

I took a nap after the exercise. My body was surrounded by strong energy right after I laid down. It was very comfortable. My body became indescribably big. My hands seemed as if they were inside two gigantic thick cotton gloves. My head also expanded. I felt I was a Buddha in a prone position.

I wanted to sit up, but I couldn't. Neither my hands and feet could not move. A thought came into my head: “Don't be afraid. You are going through a purifying ceremony.”

I was in trance and could feel the whole process.

First a few people gave me a bath. The process was quite complicated. They washed my body with clear water repeatedly. Then I put on clothes and came to a big platform, which was surrounded by countless people. A few masters of ceremony held an ancient, solemn, and sacred ceremony for me.

The ceremony took a long time to finish. Then I was led to sit in a big chair. Many big glittering hats, engraved with various jewels, kept falling onto my head from the sky. A thought came into my head: “To rescue one person from death is better than to build a seven-storied pagoda for a divine being.”

I couldn't remember how many hats had fallen. After the ceremony was over, my eyes and the location of the celestial eye were all brightened. So was my heart. A strong respect to Dafa and feeling of missing Master rose in my heart.

I came out of my trance with tears coming down my face.