(Minghui.org) In May of 1995, I watched the Falun Dafa exercise video for the first time. I was interested to know more about the practice, so I listened to the Fa lecture audio recordings. I soon came to realize that Falun Dafa was exactly what I had been looking for my entire life.

I bought the book Zhuan Falunand after reading it, threw away all my old qigong books, hospital records, lab tests, and medicines of any kind. My husband joined me and together we began the path of cultivation in Falun Dafa.

Throughout the course of my 22 years of cultivation, I have passed many tests. Nearly every year, I have had to pass at least one test of life and death. I was 79 years old in March 2004. During that time, I had to pass three life and death tests in a row.

On March 8, I developed pain all over my body. I had no appetite and felt frightened, desperate and hopeless. The following day, I began passing blood in my urine. I managed to let go of my fear and calmed my mind. I enlightened that Master was helping me, and I had nothing to fear so long as I behaved as a true Dafa disciple. The condition lasted for one whole week. Then, just as suddenly as it began, it disappeared!

During that week, I held the thought that I'm Master Li Hongzhi's disciple and do not accept or acknowledge any arrangements from others. I only follow the arrangements of my Master. With Master and the Fa, no evil is entitled to harm me!

Less than a week later, I had blood in my stool. The symptoms again disappeared in about a week.

Just three days after that cleared up, I again felt unwell, especially in my head. For a whole month, I felt awful. I couldn't eat or drink and lost over 30 lbs. I looked like I was made of skin and bones.

Not long after these 3 tribulations had passed, I recalled that a fortune-teller had told me that I would not live past 79 years old. These serious health-related tribulations had come to take my life, but I broke through them. It was Dafa's power and Master's compassion that helped me pass these tests of life and death!

More Sickness Karma

In April 2016, I gradually began to feel bad all over. I was nauseous and had a terrible headache that would not quit. I could not eat or drink anything and felt extremely uncomfortable. In just a short period of time, I dropped over 20 lbs. I couldn't think clearly and my thoughts were abnormal.

It seemed as though something controlled my mind, but I believed in Master and the Fa, and firmly persisted in Fa study and doing the exercises every day – no matter how painful it was. I repeated in my heart: “It is up to Master to decide whether I live or die.”

Once, as I was finishing the fifth exercise, an idea flashed in my mind: Read “Expounding on the Fa.”

Master said,

“When a tribulation arrives, if you, a disciple, can truly maintain an unshakable calm or be determined to meet different requirements at different levels, this should be sufficient for you to pass the test. If it continues endlessly and if there do not exist other problems in your xinxing or conduct, it must be that the evil demons are capitalizing on the weak spots caused by your lack of control. After all, a cultivator is not an ordinary human. So why doesn’t the side of you that is your original nature rectify the Fa?” (“Expounding on the Fa” from Essentials for Further Advancement)

I then realized why this tribulation had lasted for almost half a year. I had originally thought that as long as I remain firm in my belief in Master and the Fa, everything would go well. But I did not pay enough attention to sending forth righteous thoughts! I immediately started sending forth righteous thoughts every hour, focusing on cleaning up the evil that was persecuting my body. In just one week, the symptoms disappeared, and I recovered completely.

When I reflected on these tribulations, I realized that I failed to genuinely cultivate myself. In the future, I will look inside when faced with any issue or conflict. Only by tempering my every thought, can I improve. I will change my human notions so that the old forces will not be able to take advantage of any loopholes. Moreover, I will do the three things more diligently and return home with Master.