(Minghui.org) I'd like to share some stories on how evil interference was exterminated when I maintained my righteous thoughts.

Breaking Through Economic Persecution

I was sent to forced labor camp for two years because I didn't give up my belief in Falun Dafa. At the beginning of 2003, my detention term expired, and I went back home.

The next day, I went to my department and asked to resume my job. However, my supervisor told me that I had been fired. When I went to our superior office–the local transportation bureau–to ask about the issue, the man in charge of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners told me that it was the 610 Office who fired me.

I went to the 610 Office. The director was scared to talk to me. He instructed the door guard to block me and only talked to me via the phone. He pushed me back to the transportation bureau.

The next day, several officers from the bureau went to my home and told me that they would let me return to work as long as I wrote a statement guaranteeing that I wouldn't practice Falun Gong anymore.

I knew it was persecution and didn't cooperate with them; instead, I clarified the truth to them and told them how Falun Gong was persecuted by the Communist Party. Over the course of eight months, they tried everything to get me to write the statement, but I never gave in.

They said, “Without writing the guarantee statement, you will never be able to return to your workplace.”

At the beginning, they tried to force me to write it. Then, they found someone else to write it for me. Finally, they tried to write it for me themselves. No matter what they did, however, I refused to sign the statement at all.

Losing their patience at last, they shouted angrily, “So what if we are evil? You have to write it!”

I replied, “One good can overcome a hundred evils” (Zhuan Falun)

Finally, my public office title was restored unconditionally.

One thing I have to mention is that, after the restoration of my public office, I was given a 1300-square-meter apartment. The whole transportation bureau was shocked.

The director said, “You know what? The building was done right after you were detained, but somehow the allocation couldn't proceed until you came back. It seems the building was waiting for you all this time.”

Some even came to tell me, “If you're going to sell your apartment, please sell it to me so that I can get some good luck from you.”

I said, “Why don't you practice Falun Dafa? I got all of my good fortune from practicing Dafa.”

During the whole process, I knew clearly that restoring my job was related to the new apartment; if I couldn't get my position restored, I would have had no way to get the new apartment. However, I hadn't been thinking of this–I thought only of Dafa. I got everything at the end thanks to Master!

Dismissing Persecution of My Body

In 2012, I found that a hard block was growing in my stomach. Many practitioners worried about me. The evil interference tried all means to have me believe I was sick.

One day, one of my good friends called me and said she wanted to see me. We haven't seen each other for 40 days. She told me that she just had surgery and got her uterus removed. She told me how she suffered and her symptoms before the surgery; I noticed that they were exactly the same as my current situation. She even touched my stomach and tried to make me acknowledge my illness.

I was alert that I shouldn't be tricked by the illusions. If I did anything wrong, I would correct myself according to the Fa. But no evil interference was allowed. I started to study the Fa calmly to improve myself and eliminate my attachments.

Without my being aware, the block in my stomach gradually disappeared.

I hope fellow practitioners interfered with by illusions of illness can benefit from my experience. At the beginning of our practice, Master already took away all our illnesses. So, we should steadfastly believe in Dafa, and all these illusions will disappear.

Eliminating Fear

In 2015, thousands of practitioners filed lawsuits against Jiang Zemin for persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. I did it, too, using my real name. I also helped other practitioners file their cases. One of the practitioners I helped was arrested. She told the policemen that I was the one who helped her and that her sister wrote their complaint.

Policemen then came to my home and tried to arrest me, but they were not successful.

Since there was a local parade going on, however, the police were everywhere. While driving with a fellow practitioner, we were stopped by police. The practitioner driver was sent to the local police precinct because officers found truth-clarifying materials in our bags.

I was lucky and escaped to a fellow practitioner's home.

The next day, when we were studying the Fa together, I noticed the line saying “no matter who is interfering, it's all temporary, all illusions, not the main body, and it's all just like air flowing through.” (Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference)

I was shocked. I realized that all these fearful things were illusions and would be gone like the wind. After the strong police presence went away, I returned home.