(Minghui.org) A Beijing man was tried on March 24, 2017 for filing a criminal complaint against former Chinese Communist Party leader Jiang Zemin, who ordered the persecution of Falun Gong.

Mr. Duan Chunchao was arrested on October 23, 2015 and released on bail about one month later, after the local procuratorate returned his case to police, citing insufficient evidence.

The police re-arrested Mr. Duan on May 24, 2016 and persuaded the procuratorate to charge him on June 11. His case was next forwarded to Shunyi District Court in February 2017.

Only Mr. Duan Chunchao’s son and brother were allowed to attend the hearing in March. His wife, who had been deceived into becoming a prosecution witness, was barred from entering the courtroom.

Mr. Duan’s lawyer argued that, because no law in China criminalizes Falun Gong, his client had every right to seek justice against Jiang Zemin for infringing upon his right to freedom of belief.

The lawyer also pointed out that the police never showed a search warrant when arresting Mr. Duan nor presented a list of confiscated items as required by law.

The lawyer demanded that the charges against his client be tossed out. Mr. Duan also reiterated that he broke no law by suing Jiang Zemin.

The judge adjourned the trial without issuing a verdict.