(Minghui.org) Many Falun Dafa practitioners have realized that after Fa-rectification some practitioners will stay in the human world with the mission of restoring genuine divine culture. My understanding is that the number of practitioners doing this will be very small.

This is an issue of the Fa rectifying the human world, so it has nothing to do with the Fa-rectification period and practitioners should not pay too much attention to this issue. Otherwise, it will become an attachment.

I believe that practitioners of the Fa-rectification period will not have the chance to continue to cultivate in the human world after Fa-rectification ends, as our levels will be determined and fixed during the Fa-rectification period. So if we don't reach the level that we are supposed to reach during this period, there won't be another chance for us to improve later.

The few practitioners who will stay in the human world after the Fa-rectification period may already know what they need to accomplish during the next phase. This means that the next phase is coming soon.

The time we have is very limited so we should hurry up to reach the level that we are supposed to reach, and not think that we will have more chances to improve after the Fa-rectification ends. This won't happen!

We need to cherish the opportunity we have now, and do better while we still have time. Those who haven't done well saving people should hurry up. This is the most important thing. Those who still have loopholes in their xinxing should also do better.

We need to pass all of the tests in cultivation and reach the standard that Master has set for us in Zhuan Falun. If we fail to cherish this chance, we will have the most enormous regrets.