(Minghui.org) I am 51 years old and started practicing Falun Dafa in May 1996. Prior to my practice, I was beleaguered by a slew of ailments—hepatitis B, enlarged liver, enlarged spleen, arthritis, endometriosis, tinnitus, insomnia, hypotension, dizziness, inflamed tendons, and others.

I could not do any physically demanding labor and frequently caught colds. I was easily fatigued and felt lethargic all the time. My life felt hopeless.

Without a mother to teach me, I grew up selfish, stubborn, and easily irritated, and I caused much tension in my family.

After I read Zhuan Falun and other Dafa books, I learned to conduct myself according to the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I started to do the exercises, as well.

Soon, I got better, and since then I have enjoyed great health. I am energetic, and my body feels light. I have not needed a single dose of medication. My temperament changed, too: I became an outgoing, cheerful person.

Coworkers See My Changes After Practicing Dafa

In the winter of 1997, many at my workplace contracted influenza. Five coworkers in my office suffered fever and coughing. To control the contagious virus, some boiled vinegar in the office.

People who I worked with knew I practiced Falun Dafa. The coworker sitting across from me said, “If you can somehow avoid being infected this time, I will be convinced and practice Falun Dafa myself.”

I was not affected at all by the contagion, and he started learning Dafa with me during our lunch break. He soon quit smoking despite an addiction of several decades, and he now enjoys great health himself.

Another five coworkers started practicing Dafa after seeing my positive transformation, and they all came to my office for the daily group exercise at lunch break.

Soon after that, the communist regime under Jiang Zemin launched the brutal persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners. If it had not been for the persecution, there would have been more people practicing Dafa.

Master told us,

“And if you are a worker, you too should do a good job and really earn your wages and your compensation, right? That’s because a practitioner should demonstrate that he is a good person wherever he is.” (“Teaching the Fa and Answering Questions in Guangzhou” from Zhuan Falun Fajie - The Law of Zhuan Falun Explained)

Following Master's teaching, I have worked diligently and cared little about personal gain at work. In order to complete urgent tasks in time, I spared no effort and frequently worked overtime without extra pay.

A coworker told me, “You are so earnest in your work and never complain about hardships or other coworkers. Our general manager once told everyone that it would be so much better for our workplace if all the employees followed your example.”

Another coworker who had worked with me for over ten years once said to me, “In all the years we have worked together, we have never had a single incident. It is all because you are so kind and always take the high road. I admire your noble personality and learned a lot from you.”

I told her, “Falun Dafa requires practitioners to be considerate of others and search within for shortcomings in the face of any conflict.” I then recited Master's poem, “Being a Human” from Hong Yin,

“One who is for fame resents till death,One who is for gain disavows family;One who is for sentiment brings vexation on himself,Bitterly fighting each other, making karma over a lifetime.Not seeking fame, enjoying leisure, feeling content,Not stressing gain, a benevolent righteous person;Not moved by sentiment, clear-hearted with few desires,With benevolence, cultivating oneself, accruing virtue over a lifetime.”

She nodded in agreement.

Practicing Dafa has also made me look much younger than my age. My coworkers often said to me in envy, “You look even younger than many years back. Does it have to do with your practicing Falun Dafa?” I would respond with a smile, “Exactly. I read Dafa books and do the Dafa exercises every day.”

Taking Money Lightly for a Harmonious Family

My father and stepmother had several residences around town. Near the end of 2014, my father sold the house where I grew up. I had many fond childhood memories associated with the house and tried to buy it from my father at the same price he would sell to others. But he sold it to someone else.

I was furious and consulted my lawyer. He informed me that according to the law and local regulations, I have the right to half of the property and thus half of the proceeds. Some relatives even urged me to take the issue to court.

I calmed down and realized that I could not let human emotions run my life like this. I immediately shared with another practitioner about what was bothering me. She suggested that I study the Fa intensively and take personal gain lightly.

Awakened by the practitioner's words, I recalled Master's poem, “Being a Human” from Hong Yin,

“One who is for fame resents till death,One who is for gain disavows family;”

Master also told us in Zhuan Falun,

“I’ll tell you a truth: the whole process of cultivation is a process of constantly getting rid of human attachments. Out in the ordinary world, people fight each other, they deceive each other, and they harm other people just to benefit themselves a little. The thoughts behind that all have to go. And this is especially true for us folks learning the practice today—you have all the more reason to get rid of those thoughts.”

I recited these Dafa teachings and told myself to let go of my attachment to the house. I should be a good person who conducts herself according to the high standards of a practitioner, not one who abandons virtue for personal gain.

I finally was able to take it lightly. My family returned to harmony. In the process, my father and stepmother became more convinced that Falun Dafa is good. It would have been totally different if I did not practice Dafa.