(Minghui.org) There are several Falun Dafa practitioners in our village. We do our best to follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in our behavior, so that everyone will have a good impression of Dafa.

Each village has to pay taxes, and the local officials are supposed to collect taxes on the motorcycles, tractors, and cars owned by each household. Each family was told how much they had to pay. However, some villagers refused to pay the taxes, and they argued with the officials, giving them a hard time.

When I went to the office to pay my taxes, I was only charged for one motorcycle, but I own a tractor which they had not listed. I told them and paid the tax for it. The village official was impressed. He said: “I wish everyone was like you. Our job would be so much easier.”

I replied, “I'm a Falun Dafa practitioner, so I tell the truth and I'm honest.”

The official told the village Party secretary how honest I was. Later, the Party secretary said during a village meeting: “You should follow the example of those Falun Dafa practitioners. If every one in our village were as truthful and responsible as they are, not only would it make my job easier, our village would be a better place, and we would all live in harmony with one another.”

One day the Party secretary told me a story:

Several officials from the city 610 Office came to our village to order that restrictions be placed on practitioners. The Party secretary told them: "The practitioners in my village are all good people. Please do not bother us again.”

Our Party secretary was a representative in the Municipal People's Congress for several terms, and he is quite well known.

When the secretary said this, an official asked: "Do you dare to say that in the People's Congress?"

He replied: "Although I cannot say that in the People's Congress, I will tell you: It would be great if all the villagers practiced Falun Dafa! My job as the village secretary would be so much easier.”