(Minghui.org) I work as a doctor in a rural hospital. Because of our heavy workload and the high risk involved in treating patients, we are often forced to work overtime to fulfill our duties. Every doctor suffered from a chronic lack of sleep and lived in a permanent state of exhaustion.

I Began to Practice Falun Dafa

I started reading Zhuan Falun in 1996, after being introduced to the practice by my colleague. I was so impressed by Master’s teachings of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance that I resolved to cultivate in Dafa for the rest of my life.

Within a few days, my gynecological condition, asthma, and arthritis vanished. I would get up early to participate in the morning exercises. Although this meant sacrificing sleep, I felt so energetic and light that my efficiency at work improved dramatically. My outlook on life also changed, and I became more optimistic and generous.

I used to take advantage of my one-hour lunch break to travel to our practice site to do the exercises, introduce Dafa to people, and teach new students the exercise movements. I also tried to participate in our evening Fa study group as often as I could.

Becoming Selfless at Work

As a doctor, I adhere to the requirements for a Dafa practitioner and treat my patients with kindness and consideration. Because most of my patients were from poor households, I eschewed the hospital’s standard practice and prescribed the cheapest, yet most effective medication to treat their diseases. Because such cheap medication did not earn the hospital or staff any commission, I was shunned by my colleagues and boss for a while. I also refused to accept gifts or cash given to me by grateful patients.

I have used my own money over the years to help many needy patients. In 1997, I treated a 50-year-old widow who had recently lost her husband. With two young children to support, she was unable to foot the fifty-two yuan fee for her minor operation. I paid the hospital and performed the operation. The following day, the hospital’s chief financial officer told me, “Yesterday, an elderly lady approached the hospital director to commend your kind actions.”

A patient put two thousand yuan in his jacket pocket before hanging it on an infusion stand in the summer of 2000. His jacket was stolen that night. I met the desperate family the following day while performing my ward rounds. They did not even have money to buy food. When I heard their plight, I gave them one hundred yuan. A few days later, this patient visited the hospital director and explained that she wanted to return the cash to her doctor, but did not remember my name. The director immediately directed her to me.

As a Dafa practitioner, besides doing things in an upright manner, I also use every opportunity to improve my medical skills. Because of my rigorous work attitude, I have been praised for my performance and skills by the hospital management and fellow colleagues.

My superior’s friend who was a bureau chief, approached him to perform an operation on his daughter-in-law in 1998. My superior knew that I had learned a new and better surgical technique recently and asked me to perform the procedure. According to custom, the bureau chief’s wife gave me some gifts prior to the operation. After the surgery was successfully completed, I returned the gift of expensive herbal supplements. The bureau chief’s wife was amazed and exclaimed, “Doctor, have you gone mad?” I replied, “It is because I practice Falun Dafa!”

Facing the Persecution

After Jiang Zemin began the persecution of Dafa in 1999, I traveled to Beijing to petition the authorities and was illegally detained six times. As one of the main coordinators for our local Falun Dafa group, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) targeted me for persecution.

By coordinating with fellow practitioners, we began our truth clarification activities in earnest. I approached the mayor of our city, the director of the National People's Congress, and the heads of various government agencies.

Fellow practitioners helped to find the home of the municipal party committee secretary, and we personally submitted our petition to his wife. Moved by our sincerity, she repeatedly assured us that she would personally hand our letter to her husband.

Towards the end of 2000, I was promoted to Division Deputy Director. My job became easier as I was exempted from working the night shift, and only needed to help decide on treatment approaches for the patients. However, the job also required that I rush down to the hospital at night to save critically ill patients.

As this occurred frequently, my exercise time was often disrupted. But I realized this work environment had been arranged for me by Master. So I decided to follow this course and found myself saving many people from all walks of life, including government officials, public inspectors and law officers.

I was assigned to a job which allowed me time to do the three things in the spring of 2007 and also participate more actively in local coordination work. In 2008, I was suddenly transferred from the clinical department to a hospital management position. This was an easier job that allowed me the freedom to plan my own work schedule. I had more time to do well with the three things. Moreover, I had easy access to the entire hospital staff, which enabled me to save even more people. I have Master to thank for this good fortune.

The Road to Saving People Becomes Wider

A month after we submitted our lawsuit against Jiang Zemin, staff from the local police station, neighborhood committee and work units began to harass practitioners. My superior was directed by the government department head to approach me and obtain a signed “false accusation of abuse” form.

I had clarified the truth often to my superior and asked her, “How do you find my work?” She replied, “I am very satisfied with your work and we work well together.”

I continued, “I am suing Jiang Zemin according to my rights as a Chinese citizen and my basic human right to freedom of belief. Those who seek to interfere are in the wrong. We have been colleagues and friends for a long time, and you have seen the suffering I have gone through due to this persecution over the last sixteen years. Do not let yourself be used by Jiang Zemin.”

She told me that she was acting on orders from her superiors. I then told her, “You can tell them that you are only responsible for my work performance and nothing else. If they still refuse to back down, I will proceed to sue all the rest involved in the persecution. Using the law, I want to openly bring the evildoers to court so they can face justice for their misdeeds. I am determined to see my lawsuit through to the end.” She immediately reported to the government department that she was washing her hands of this matter.

The department sent a deputy bureau-level officer soon after to meet me. Her grandmother was a practitioner, and her whole family understood the truth and quit the CCP. I repeated my determination to continue with my lawsuit and she left my office saying, “Right, I understand.”

To date, more than two hundred and fifty people at my hospital know the facts about Dafa and have quit the CCP. More than seventy other officials have listened to me clarify the truth and most have chosen to quit the CCP to secure their future. Even the shop owners around the hospital have quit the CCP. Many now even help us to hand out truth-clarification materials, while others display Falun Dafa calendars in their office.

People Receive Blessings for Believing in the Goodness of Dafa

I have a 40-year-old colleague who was diagnosed with an extremely malignant bladder tumor. After we talked, and she agreed that the persecution was wrong, her tumor amazingly turned benign. She made a full recovery after an operation to remove the growth, and is now more than seven months pregnant with her second child.

The daughter of a head nurse was suffering from chronic exhaustion. She sought my help after exploring all treatment options. I asked the entire family to repeat, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” She quickly recovered from her illness.

I met an elderly couple who were both doctors. After I clarified the truth to them, the lady told me, “I recognize you. You and another doctor at the hospital practice Falun Dafa. Ten years ago, your colleague talked to me about the persecution and advised me to quit the CCP. After I did, a miracle occurred: I suffered from chronic exhaustion for many years, and every specialist I consulted was unable to determine the root cause of my condition. After quitting, my head suddenly felt lighter and my condition vanished.

More and more people in China are gradually awakening to the truth. The cultivation road may seem narrow at first, but will get wider as one continues to follow Master on the path to righteousness.