(Minghui.org) The persecution against Falun Gong recently intensified in my region. A few practitioners were arrested and sent to brainwashing centers. As practitioners, we know this is not accidental and it must be related to our cultivation states.

In fact, most of the practitioners being arrested now have filed criminal complaints against former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin for suppressing Falun Gong. Suing Jiang is very important. Then, why are they still being arrested?

From a dream I had one night I understood that some of the tribulations we're experiencing come from our negative feelings. Specifically, many of us complain about or even resent the officials involved in the persecution. When I listened to some practitioners talk about the person in charge of the local 610 Office, I only saw anger and hatred in their faces--no sympathy or compassion.

It is normal for an everyday person to have anger, dislike, or hatred after being severely persecuted for years. However, since we're practitioners, these negative feelings could become huge black substances that block us from moving forward. The old forces can clearly see that we are moved emotionally and they may even manipulate those officials to commit more wrongdoings.

A Lifetime of Resentment Is Dissolved

One practitioner I know had a congenital disorder and her parents did not seek medical treatment in time. During her childhood and teen years, and after she became an adult, she experienced prejudice and discrimination. Because she blamed all her troubles on the fact that her parents did not have her treated in time, her complaints and hatred towards them became huge. Because of this she stayed away from them.

Even after she began to practice Falun Dafa, she could not let go of this strong emotion and did not forgive her parents. Her parents were not happy with her either.

By coincidence, her parents ended up in her apartment complex and lived right below her. By then she realized that it was time to address this issue and get rid of her negative feelings. When she focused on eliminating her resentment, the situation gradually began to improve.

Opportunity to Improve Ourselves

Cultivating ourselves means that we need to improve xinxing and let go of all attachments. If we fail to do this, we may run into problems. Some practitioners who sued Jiang are afraid that the police will harass them, so naturally the police soon come knocking on their doors.

Doing well in our own cultivation practice, sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil, and saving people are all the things we must do. If our thoughts are not righteous, the difficulties may become even more challenging. We have to meet the standards of Dafa disciples.

We should not have strong negative feelings against the people that persecute us. First of all, we do not know what our karmic relationship is with them; second, they could be manipulated by negative elements in other dimensions; third, the persecution is an opportunity for us to improve our xinxing and save people. That means we should look at the big picture, eliminate the bad substances in other dimensions and compassionately tell the facts to these people so we can save them. We must maintain a peaceful mindset because when our hearts are disturbed, what we see or hear may not be the real situation.

From Master's teachings we know practitioners have no enemies. With faith in Master and the Fa, we should make the best use of these opportunities to improve ourselves and save people.