(Minghui.org) I went to a few Falun Dafa practitioners' homes to help upgrade their computers and noticed that some practitioners didn't read the Minghui website very much or at all. Instead, they spent their precious time watching TV or playing on their cell phones. They also didn't seize the time to save people.

They all eventually encountered problems in their cultivation.

One practitioner is a retired white collar worker. She started practicing Falun Dafa before the persecution started in July 1999. She is a veteran practitioner, but she still doesn't dare to keep Dafa books in her home because her husband won’t allow her to.

She sent me a message saying that she couldn't break through the government's firewall to get to the Minghui website, and asked me to help since I am a technical person in this area. Later, I learned that she only went to Minghui.org once every so often and didn't find out about local practitioners who had been arrested in a timely manner.

Another practitioner fell off a ladder recently and broke several bones. He was taken to the hospital.

A practitioner who is a teacher had a stroke just before she returned to school from the holidays.

I feel that these practitioners encountered problems because they didn't value Fa study—or they just treated Fa study as a formality—and didn't look inward when tribulations or problems occurred. They don't care how long they spent watching TV, but they don't want to spend half an hour reading articles about cultivation on Minghui. One practitioner said, “There is just too much on the website. How could I ever find time to read it all?”

There are just a few major sections on Minghui: news and events abroad about Falun Dafa, persecution in China, practitioners’ cultivation sharing articles, and additional persecution news from China.

I think that, if we are busy and don't have enough time to read all of the articles on Minghui, we should put Fa study and sending forth righteous thoughts first, and then, if possible, read practitioners’ cultivation articles.

Many of those articles are written from the heart and are very touching. They are rational reflections on the Fa. I have learned a lot from reading them, and they have helped me avoid detours and mistakes on my cultivation path and have helped me become more diligent.

I will give one example of how a practitioner got rid of his shortcoming after reading an article on Minghui. This practitioner didn't pay attention to safety issues. Other practitioners reminded him about safety many times, but he wouldn't listen. After he read an article on Minghui about how the telecommunications company taps phones, he finally got the message. Now, he even reminds others to be more careful about using the phone.