(Minghui.org) I would like to share a few lessons learned by practitioners in my area who didn't do well respecting the book Zhuan Falun.

I went to visit a practitioner a few days ago. In tears, she told me how she had accidentally destroyed Master's portrait at the front of the book. Her husband used to have several terminal diseases and had been admitted to hospitals twice. They spent a lot of money on his medical treatments, but nothing helped. This practitioner suggested her husband practice Falun Dafa. He followed her advice, and after he started his cultivation, Master removed his diseases one by one. He only has a little discomfort now.

The wife printed out the new Lunyu but didn't follow the instructions to replace it. She simply inserted the pages into the book. When the husband read the book, he took out the pages and put them on the desk. The wife thought it was the old Lunyu. She held the pages in front of Master's portrait on their wall and said, “Master's Law Body, please leave the pages.” She then crumpled the pages and threw them into a trash can. When the husband read the book again, he was surprised to find that the page with Master's photograph was blank! The wife initially thought this was because the husband had been disrespectful by putting the book too close to his feet. When she couldn't find the new Lunyu in the book, she realized it was actually her mistake. She showed me the book with the blank page where the picture should have been and said in tears, “It's my fault. Master is punishing me. Do you think Master will still take care of me?” I said, “Yes, Master will for sure. Master wouldn't have alerted you with the blank page if he doesn't take care of you.”

Another practitioner couple asked me to help them publish an statement on the Minghui website to address how they had disrespected Dafa books. When the persecution started in 1999, they hid their Dafa books but didn't do a good job of wrapping them. All but two books had been soaked with water, and Master's pictures in the remaining two books had been ruined. When they burned the unreadable books, the wife saw a mysterious cloud fly into the sky. They bought another set of books later and gave the two damaged books to an elderly practitioner who lives by herself in countryside. One day, the elderly practitioner found the two books missing. No one could have borrowed the books from her. She asked, “Is it Master who has taken the books back?”

Another practitioner gave her book to her young children a few years ago. The children stained the book. This practitioner opened the book sometime later, and every page was completely blank. She anxiously showed the book to other practitioners and asked, “Not a single word is left. How can it be?”

Another couple of practitioners made the book edges black. When I opened the book, I saw Master in tears in his photograph. The wife complained that her husband didn't wash his dirty hands before reading the book. Neither of them were cultivating diligently. The husband was always busy making money. The wife was lingering in sickness karma. Master's portrait on a wall in their home was covered with a heavy layer of dust. I wiped the portrait and took the book home to clean, but Master was still in tears in the picture in their book. I know Master must be saddened because they had slacked off in their cultivation.

Master has told us in Zhuan Falun,

“Some people’s comprehension just doesn’t improve. Some folks just go and start marking up this book of mine. Now, those of us with open Third Eyes can see that this book is full of dazzling colors, and sparkling with golden light, and every word is in my Law Body’s image. If I lied I’d be cheating you, so I’ll tell you: the marks you make are so dark, and you dare to just mark it up like that? Do you know what we’re doing here? Aren’t we guiding you upward in cultivation? You should stop and give a little thought to some things. This book can guide your cultivation—now think, isn’t it precious? You worship Buddha, but can that help you do true cultivation? You’re very pious and you handle that Buddha’s statue like fragile glass, and you burn incense for it every day, yet you dare to tamper with the Great Law that can truly guide your cultivation.” (The Ninth Talk from Zhuan Falun) (Translation Edition (Feb. 2003, North America))

Of the practitioners I know, most of the ones who are disrespectful to Dafa and Master don't cultivate diligently. I'm deeply worried about them. Master treasures us so much. How can some practitioners fail to treasure themselves? How can we awaken them?