(Minghui.org) A large number of greetings were received from mainland China during the recent Chinese New Year season. Here are just a few of the poetic greetings among the many received.

In traditional Chinese culture, plum blossom is a symbol of peace, perseverance, and inner strength

Plum Blossom

Wind and blizzard have no affect on me,as the caliber comes from higher above;With purity and peace presenting my will,there is no intention to compete with others.

Lotus flowers represent purity and happiness

Out of the Earthly World

Eighteen years of rain and storm,highlight practitioners' determination in cultivation;Again and again we fell and got up again,it is the compassion and endurance from Master that forged our path.

Taking us out of the earthly world,Master cleansed our mind and body;With the Fa guiding our along the way,we are walking on the journey of fulfilling our vows.

Greetings from Falun Dafa practitioners in Haiyang City, Shandong Province


Time flows as tide rise and fall,with mountains and rivers witnessing thousands of years of history;From the glorious Tang and Han dynasty,to the tragedies that are occurring in the land of Middle Kingdom.

Dreams come and go like swift clouds,deep in the heart I always remind myself as a practitioner;Assisting Master with Fa-rectification is my mission,once again I am so grateful for the salvation