(Minghui.org) I recently discovered that many of my attachments were related to my attachment of feeling more capable than others, which was a driving force in my life.

My actions, words, and thoughts were all geared towards proving that I was more capable than others. That was the only thing giving me comfort and joy. This attachment also caused me to do wrong things, say wrong words, and hurt others.

I knew rationally that Master is the mightiest and Dafa creates everything, but I did not really understand what that truly meant. I still thought that I was most capable when I did things and when I thought of things.

This happened so subconsciously and stealthily that I was not aware of it. As a result, I did things without fully thinking of others. I realize now that it was a huge obstacle in my cultivation. It prevented me from assimilating to Dafa.

Feeling capable or superior is a kind of substance which made me only recognize myself. When it controlled me, it was difficult for me to devote myself to Dafa.

This was the worst kind of behavior carried over from past degenerated lives. The lower the level that the lives degenerated to, the stronger this kind of behavior emerged. This reflected in the project I was involved in, and my attachment brought difficulties and trouble to other practitioners.

When conflicts arose, I did not look within but used excuses like “I provided others opportunities to improve” and “I helped you to accomplish things” to praise myself. Others were shocked by how attached I was to myself, but I was unaware of it.

Master told us recently,

“Every one of us, excepting me alone, is a cultivator. How well you do is a reflection of your cultivation state, and no one is an exception.” (“A Congratulatory Letter to the Fa Conference of Europe”)

Confidence is not wrong, but it is very important to cultivate based on Fa and to always do better based on the Fa. As a practitioner, positioning Dafa well in our minds is a very serious matter and something fundamentally important.