(Minghui.org) This is something that I heard from an elderly man who became a practitioner several years ago. He said, “The CCP will be eliminated this month. On January 27 or 28, a new leader will be inaugurated.”

I was stunned to hear that and asked him who had told him so. He said that he had heard it on NTD. He said that he watched every day and that even Master had said so.

Right away I warned him that Master didn’t say anything like that, and that he and whoever he heard it from had made it up. To my surprise, he was shocked that I would have no knowledge of it.

After talking to him, I realized that he and his group of practitioners took the analysis of the prophecies and warnings on NTD literally.

Just yesterday while I was clarifying the truth, I heard another practitioner telling an ordinary person that something big was going to happen this year and that the rule of the CCP would come to an end. The person replied, “Every year you (the Falun Gong practitioners) say something big will happen and that gods are eliminating the CCP. Why hasn’t it happened yet?”

We came here to help Master validate the Fa. Master has told us many times how to clarify the truth to ordinary people. Why aren’t we studying and following the Fa teachings?

Master has shouldered so much to secure more time for us to save people. Instead of doing that, we allow our attachments to take over, and we see things with our human notions and pass along messages that aren’t true. It opens up gaps for the evil to exploit. When only one practitioner is like this, the impact may not be significant. If many practitioners obsess about when the CCP will end during weekly sharing sessions, that will cause trouble for all of us!

We are all familiar with the story “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” If we say something will happen twice and both times it doesn’t, no one will trust us again. If we clarify the truth with an attachment to wanting to sound like we know something that no one else does, and not abide by Master’s Fa and instructions, people will stop believing us or even turn against us.

When will the CCP end? I think only Master knows. What Master tells us are heavenly secrets for true cultivators. We shouldn’t talk about it so casually to ordinary people.

I do not mean to accuse anyone, but want to remind all of us. I suggest that when we have time, we should read the articles on Minghui on how to better clarify the truth.