(Minghui.org) Five Falun Dafa practitioners were arrested in Zhangsha Village during the Lantern Festival on February 11, 2017. Their motorized bicycles were confiscated.

The five women are Ms. Li Congying, Ms. Tang Yuzhen, Ms. Tang Yu’e, Ms. Liu and another elderly practitioner. All five live in Wangzhai Village, Songzhuangzi Township, Mengcun County, Hebei Province.

They were reported to the authorities for talking to people about the communist regime's persecution of Falun Dafa. The Chengguan Police Department dispatched four vehicles and arrested the women. They were taken to the Mengcun Detention Center for a 15-day administrative detention the following day.

Officers went to Wangzhai Village on the morning of February 22, 2017 and ransacked the homes of Ms. Tang Yu’e, Ms. Tang Yuzhen, and Ms. Li Congying. They also searched the hardware store owned by Ms. Tang Yu’e’s family.

They went to Ms. Tang Yu’e’s home and ripped off New Year decorations on the entrance and walls. They rummaged through the rooms and took away several copies of spring festival couplets and Falun Dafa books. The police notified her husband of her administrative detention.

Officers found Ms. Tang Yuzhen’s husband and demanded that he take them to his home, but he refused. The police climbed over the yard wall and ransacked Ms. Tang’s home. They took away multiple copies of Falun Dafa books, a picture of Master Li Hongzhi (the founder of Falun Dafa), and other personal items.

Parties involved in persecuting the five practitioners:Liu Haijun (刘海军), chief of the Mengcun Domestic Security Division: +86-13582722712Zhang, deputy director of the Chengguan Police Department: +86-13613277000