(Minghui.org) I needed to hire another employee for my Chinese restaurant. A young man in his 20s who came from China two years ago made an appointment to meet me for a job interview on a Sunday night, but he never showed up.

Another young man came in and asked for a job in my restaurant. I agreed to hire him and asked him to start the next day.

The first young man who had made the Sunday appointment called me the next day and said he had not been able to keep our appointment because something urgent had come up. He said he wanted to start work immediately.

When I told him I had already filled the position, he began sending text messages cursing me.

I looked inward and realized that I had not contacted him to tell him that I had hired someone else. I sent him a text and apologized. He wrote back, “Give me $50,000 for the apology.”

I called him after work that evening and apologized again. This time, he accepted my apology. I explained to him about Falun Gong and advised him to quit his membership in the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations. He agreed and said, “You are kind and a good man.” He said he wanted to work in my restaurant in the future if possible.

The young man I’d hired later resigned. He said he could work until the following evening. I needed to hire someone to take his place.

Out of the blue, the first young man called me that day and asked if I had an opening yet. I said, “Yes,” even though my wife told me not to hire him because he did not keep our appointment and then cursed me.

The day the new employee started to work, my older employee's wife suddenly became ill and he had to take her to an emergency clinic. They left in a hurry and did not lock their room.

When they returned, they could not find their cell phone. The older employee told me about it the next day and asked the new employee if he had seen their phone. The new employee said he had not.

I noticed that the new employee appeared distracted at work. During our lunch break, I asked him to listen to part of an audio recording of Master Li Hongzhi teaching in Guangzhou with me. We listened to “Loss and Gain” in Lecture Four. He listened carefully and told me afterwards that he would do a good deed that evening. I smiled and did not pry.

The older employee and his wife had to go back to the emergency clinic that evening. The new employee returned their phone by pushing it under the door of their room. The older employee and his wife were pleased to get their phone back.

Soon after, the new employee reluctantly resigned. I asked him to watch a program on New Tang Dynasty TV with me the evening before he left. He watched attentively and said afterwards he was interested in cultivating. I recommended he read Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Gong.