(Minghui.org) CCP secret agents have been collecting Falun Gong intelligence since the regime started the persecution in 1999, possibly beginning in 1996. Any Falun Dafa practitioner might have been their source to gather information.

In China, the CCP can easily obtain Dafa practitioners' communication records. Outside of China, there are relatively fewer Chinese practitioners, so tapping the phones of these practitioners might be the CCP's best source of gathering information. We who live outside of China should not say whatever we want over the phone. There really are secret agents who provide intelligence to the CCP.

Practitioners Traveling Back to China Provide Opportunities for the CCP

It is difficult for the CCP to take direct action against Dafa practitioners living outside of China. Any threatening letter, phone call, or verbal message might be used as evidence of a crime in court.

However, this doesn't mean that the CCP will never take action against practitioners outside its jurisdiction. Any practitioner who frequently participates in local events or Dafa activities must stay alert, because our contact information could be easily gathered by the CCP.

With that information in hand, the CCP could use it later, for instance, if you travel back to China. This is where the CCP can take control and you might be arrested or detained at the airport. The CCP can threaten or entice you to give up the practice of Falun Dafa, and then insist that you to act as a secret agent. Without legal protections in China, you have nowhere to sue the persecutors. Even when you return to your adopted country and try to seek justice against your perpetrators, it's hard for the local government to verify the facts, let alone arrest those responsible in China.

Let's take a step back. Even if you were not arrested while traveling back to China, how could you be sure that you have never helped the CCP gather information and persecute Dafa practitioners?

Master made it very clear that Dafa practitioners outside of China shouldn't travel back to China because the persecution is still going on. However, there are still some practitioners still ignore Master's words. They make their own wishes of visiting friends and relatives or doing business a priority.

As Dafa practitioners, we might slack off from time to time while working on Dafa projects and saving people, but the CCP never stops its evil activities. CCP officials are taking advantage of our loopholes and persecuting Falun Gong all the time.

With its scale of surveillance activities, the CCP constantly updates its intelligence on overseas practitioners.

The CCP Often Uses Practitioners’ Families as Bargaining Chips

We are well aware that the CCP is good at playing tricks and will not stop persecuting practitioners outside of China.

Dafa practitioners' family and friends in China are often used by the CCP to force practitioners to give up their belief and to spy for the CCP. Some practitioners might provide information to the CCP out of fear and sentimentality. Their lapse in judgment may be further exploited by the CCP, who will only keep pressuring the practitioners to provide more intelligence.

Would such people ever admit that they released fellow practitioners' information to the CCP? It's hard to say. Some practitioners wouldn't admit it even when others pointed it out.

If the above is true, who are the most likely targets for the CCP? They might be our responsible persons and coordinators, especially practitioners close to Master. One simple phone call might compromise their security.

Last October, news had it that a CCP secret agent attempted to assassinate Master at the San Francisco Fa Experience Sharing Conference. I doubted that the spy was just some non-practitioner who managed to sneak into the conference hall. The person may well be someone posing as a practitioner who had earned the trust of genuine practitioners.

How could such a thing happen in the U.S.? It indicates that the CCP can still buy people there. A rational and strict approval process is very necessary when doing background checks on practitioners, especially for Fa conferences. A security background check on practitioners doing Dafa projects is also important.

Above is my personal sharing. Please point it out compassionately if you find anything inappropriate.