(Minghui.org) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner from a rural area who was selected to be the local coordinator.

Dafa Informational Materials

Distributing Dafa informational materials to fellow practitioners required a lot of coordination. During the earlier years of the persecution, many local practitioners held the attachment of fear. They did not accept copies of Master's new articles and asked to keep them in my place, although I was already being monitored by the police.

Some practitioners were afraid to accept the Dafa materials they ordered at times. This situation bothered me, but it also told me that I needed to get rid of my attachments. When these practitioners ordered materials from me, I continued to deliver and did not complain.

My wife, also a practitioner, worried about my safety and thus did not support my efforts to distribute Dafa materials. This situation bothered me, but again, I had to find and let go of my attachments, as there was no other option.

Dafa obligations came always first, no matter how important or urgent my own needs were. I had to travel as far as 30 miles to either pick up or deliver materials.

Our local group was unable to form one body during the first few years of the persecution, given their attachment to fear. Our cooperation has improved, as practitioners' cultivation levels have risen.

Master's Protection

There were dangerous situations when picking up and delivering the materials. With Master's protection, I was able to safely complete my missions.

When another practitioner and I went to pick up materials, we were followed by local police. With Master's help, we realized what was going on before it was too late. I confronted these people and clarified the truth about Dafa to them. They left and the practitioner giving us the materials was not exposed.

At another time, police shadowed me when I had materials with me. I hid the materials in a field and then I hid in a forest and sent forth righteous thoughts. They left after dark.

Once, a police officer chased after and tried to arrest me. I went into hiding in the mountains for over 40 days and at night slept in a haystack. Master looked after me. Despite the cold winter weather, I did not feel cold.

One time, when distributing materials, a policeman followed me. I managed to lose him, but could not return home until 1:00 am.

Being Tempered

During my coordination work, I experienced different feelings. Sometimes I felt that things were unfair, and at times I was disappointed by practitioners' behavior. Yet, there were times when I was touched by practitioners' steadfast hearts.

My home turned into a group Fa-study site. My wife and I made a heavy curtain for the windows and door of the room where practitioners gathered. We also invited practitioners from other areas to share their Fa-validation experiences.

Our group encountered a lot of interference. Even though I tried my best to provide a secure Fa-study site, some did not show their appreciation. Instead, they pointed out my shortcomings. I enlightened that Master used these opportunities to temper me. Thus, I cooperated with others without any complaint.

Practitioners in cities may think that the countryside is safer than the city. But, this is not necessarily so. Some practitioners did not pay attention to safety and held an attachment to fear. But they did not want to share on this topic. In the end, they were persecuted.

Once a practitioner, who recently had set up a material production site, was arrested. Another practitioner heard the news, but did not notify me immediately. However, I still managed to remove and take the equipment and all other materials to a safe place. We were just on time, as the police came shortly after we left.

Cooperating with Fellow Practitioners

Practitioners who could not cultivate well needed help. I found ways to bring them back to their cultivation path.

A practitioner wanted to quit cultivation. I did no give up on her, and kept talking to her. I even helped her harvest her crop and often visited her home. She returned to cultivation in 2010 and is doing very well now.

When practitioners had tribulations due to sickness karma or other xinxing tests, I visited them often and shared with them. Some of them practiced Dafa on and off. I did not give up on them and kept visiting them.

One practitioner was thinking of having surgery and was about to take medication. When fellow practitioners shared with him, he did not listen, so I visited him several times and shared my understanding with him. He decided to get rid of the medication and recovered.

When a local practitioner was detained, I helped his family harvest their corn for three days, even though I should have worked on my fields.

Local practitioners began to file lawsuits against Jiang Zemin, the former head of the communist regime. I encouraged practitioners to not use a pseudonym and many took my advice. Our group improved as one body.

Busy Doing Dafa Projects

As I was reluctant to persuade people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), I talked to people about Dafa, distributed Dafa materials, hung up banners and posters and used paper currency with truth-clarification messages.

Not only did I find excellent places for the posters, I also climbed mountains and hung banners for anyone below the mountain to see.

Another practitioner and I went to the home of the village head to clarify the truth. He was responsible for the arrest and detention of several practitioners, with one of them being the other practitioner's sister. We explained that following Jiang Zemin's dictates would harm him when the Party would lose power. He eventually agreed to quit the CCP.