(Minghui.org) I often go into the community to clarify the truth to people about Falun Dafa. One day I met an elderly Chinese gentleman. He was from Shanghai and dressed with style. He refused to read Dafa materials when I offered them, and he repeated a rumor spread by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) about Master Li.

It found it difficult to communicate with him, but I was not discouraged. I said to him a bit seriously, “Hello. Please don’t make casual comments if you don’t really know the facts. Please don’t blindly believe the CCP's fabrications. You are now outside of China, but you are still afraid to listen to the truth, and still repeat what the CCP told you. Do you know this is dangerous?”

I tried to relate the issue more specifically to him, “Sir, you were in China for many years. Think about those things that you shouldn't do, but had to do, and those words you had to say against your conscience. You said that the CCP was good, so why did you spend a huge amount of money to send your son overseas instead of keeping him in China to develop his career? Why? Because you know clearly that he couldn't do well under the CCP's tyrannical government. So you used all your savings to send him overseas to have more opportunity to reach to his potential. Our Master told us to do everything according to Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. We should tell the truth no matter where we are and not simply do things as the CCP does. Do you agree?”

The man seemed a bit embarrassed. He nodded and left.

I often encountered him in the community, and gradually we became more familiar. Each time I greeted him I clarified the truth to him a little more. After several conversations, the man understood the facts and decided to quit the CCP. In the meantime, I witnessed a process of delicate changes in him, from the inside out. The muscle at the corner of his mouth was trembling, and his face changed from dark gray to pinkish with a little light.

I told him with excitement, “Sir, you have been blessed, and our Master is taking care of you.”

“Is that true?” he said, with sparkling eyes.

“Yes, I see your face has turned a rosy color.” I said. He touched his face and was very happy.

When I saw him again, he greeted me and said, “You work hard. Thank you.” I was a little surprised. I had a feeling that could not be described with words, and wanted to cry. I said to him, “If you want to thank someone, please thank our Master.” He smiled, nodded, and left.

I chatted with him again a month later. He began the conversation, “You said that I would be blessed, but I had an accident.” He said he was hit by a bus and passed out.

I was calm and asked, “Then what had happened next?”

“I was taken to a hospital for a complete examination,” he said.

“And then what?,” I said.

He continued, “There was nothing wrong.”

I continued asking, “Then what?”

He said, “I was discharged and went home.”

I then said, “Oh, you were hit by a bus, but you were not hurt and nothing was broken. Don’t you think that you were protected by gods and Buddhas? Wasn't it a blessing? You were knocked down and unconscious after the accident. Can you imagine what would have happened if gods had not protected you? You might have already lost your life. Do you agree?” He start laughing from the bottom of his heart, thanked me again, and left.

I was excited for him while watching him gradually walk off in the distance.

He came to me with joy and shared his experiences again and again. Seeing the fundamental changes in him, since before and after he learned the facts, I was grateful to Master. I said to myself, “Thank you, Master!”