(Minghui.org) I had a happy and harmonious family life. My only concern was my husband's family's history of mental depression. My son experienced symptoms of depression in 1997 and left our home without notifying anyone. My whole life changed until he returned a couple of years later.

In the Grip of Human Sentimentality

Two years before my son left, two relatives of my husband had committed suicide within the same year. Both worked for the government and were recognized as good people. One of them had a baby and it appeared that his family life was happy.

Without saying a word, my son just walked out in 1997. At that time, I had just started to practice Dafa. What my son did caused me great anguish, but I had to keep my grief to myself because my husband was diagnosed with a cerebral embolism.

I worried about my family's reputation and how it would affect my children's and grandchildren's lives. Many human attachments held me in their grip and I felt helpless.

Immediately, I increased my Fa study, which helped me understand that practitioners should let go of their attachments. I realized that I was mired in the sentimentality attachment and that I should gradually let it go. This calmed me down.

However, I did not give up on finding my son. I told him in my mind that I was there for him and to not make a wrong choice. Fear for him was always with me, and every time the phone rang, my heart pounded because I did not know what news I would hear.

Eliminating Attachments

While studying the Fa intensively, I realized that attachments have been formed by many layers of substances. After I removed many layers, the core still had me in its grip.

For some time I got excited, followed by being depressed, when I heard any information about my son. But I always remembered that I was a cultivator and needed to work on my attachments.

In a dream, I encountered a dilemma that stopped me from moving on. A promise brought me out of my inertia. When I woke up, I pondered over the dream and finally concluded that I should eliminate my attachment to my son. It also told me that my son would return once I had let go of my attachment.

Blessed by Dafa

Indeed, my son returned home. He said that when he was watching a television program that slandered Dafa, he told the others he was with, “Falun Dafa is good--that program is all lies. My mom practices it, and she recovered from all her illnesses.”

After I heard this, I knew that because he clarified the truth about Dafa, he would be blessed.

He said that when he was homeless, he always had two bottles of sleeping pills with him. When he couldn't endure the pain and tried to take the pills, he remembered that it was a sin to commit suicide.

“Mom,” he said, “the difficult time is over. I'm fine now. I will go back to work tomorrow. ”

Everyone witnessed my son's return and his recovery from depression. My daughter and son-in-law have become practitioners and my daughter-in-law distributes Dafa informational materials.