(Minghui.org) I am over 70 years old and started to practice Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa) in 1996. I would like to reflect upon my 20-year journey of cultivation.

To begin I’d like to share how, through tribulations, I have gained a deeper understanding of Master’s Fa teachings:

“But although you can’t see me in person, as long as you practice cultivation, I’m actually right by your side. And as long as you practice cultivation, I can be responsible for you all the way to the end; what’s more, I’m looking after you every single moment.” (“Teaching the Fa in New York City” from Lectures in the United States)

Safeguarding Dafa and Clearing the Evil Specter's Influence

When the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began its persecution of Falun Gong in July 1999, my young neighbor, who also practices Falun Gong, was terrified and lived in fear.

He was arrested on his way home in 2002 after the police searched him and found a Dafa book. He was threatened, detained, and forced to write a guarantee statement to stop practicing Falun Gong before he was released.

He suffered a mental breakdown at home, and began to scream and cut things with a knife. A local reporter wanted to use his story to defame Dafa and offered his family money to pay for his medical treatments in exchange for an interview.

When I heard about this, Master’s teaching came to mind:

“Whether or not you safeguard this Fa, whether or not you promote this Fa, whether or not you spread this Fa, and whether or not you assimilate into this Fa in the future, all of these are in your own hands.” (“Comments Regarding the Fa-Rectification Made at the Falun Dafa Assistants Meeting in Beijing” from Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa)

I spoke with a few practitioners about the situation, and we decided to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the old forces interference.

I then talked to my neighbors about Dafa and asked them to not participate in the interviews.

They decided not to.

Setting Up a Materials Production Site

Before 2002, we relied on other areas to provide us with informational materials about Falun Gong and the persecution to distribute. Each time I went to pick up the materials, I had to travel a long way. First, by boat and then change buses several times.

The police often searched passengers' luggage on the boat. I sent forth strong righteous thoughts to deny their persecution, so my luggage was never checked.

We later decided to set up our own materials production site. In the beginning, I designed and printed the materials myself and delivered them to other practitioners.

After the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published in 2004, we used more than a dozen packs of printing paper every day to make copies to distribute. I had to carry all of them upstairs for another practitioner to collect every night—sometimes I didn't finish until around midnight.

I have been doing the Falun Gong exercises every morning before producing the Dafa materials for over 10 years. We then have group Fa-study in the evenings. We've never missed a day, not even during the Chinese New Year celebrations.

When the persecution was most severe, police cars often patrolled the area. Sometimes, the police randomly checked my place, but I was not scared. I focused on sending forth righteous thoughts and remembered Master’s teaching:

“Just by staying unaffected you will be able to handle all situations.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Conference in the Midwest-U.S.” June 26, 1999, Chicago)

Under Master’s care and protection, our materials production sites were never interfered with.

I often communicate with my computer and printer, since they are Fa instruments playing an important role in the Fa-rectification. Whenever either of them malfunction, I look within to find my attachments and remove them immediately.

My computer and printer have rarely had any problems for more than 10 years. I've realized that it is only with Master's help that we are able to do things smoothly.

Exposing the Persecution and Saving Sentient Beings

While I was riding my bicycle one winter, a car hit me, injuring my knees. As a practitioner, I knew that I'd be fine. However, the driver was very worried, so I had to calm him down. I told him about Falun Gong and the persecution, and he agreed to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

I cycled home even though I was in a lot of pain. My legs became so swollen that I had a hard time taking off my pants. My son was very worried about me and insisted that I go to the hospital. I reassured him that I would get better soon.

That evening, I was in excruciating pain so I started to recite Master’s Fa:

“When it’s difficult to endure, you can endure it. When it’s impossible to do, you can do it.” (Lecture 9,Zhuan Falun)

I still got up at 3:50 a.m. to do the Dafa exercises in the courtyard the next morning, even though I was in a lot of pain. After the exercises, I was surprised that my legs were no longer swollen and the pain had lessened. Three days later, I was able to go out again to talk to people about Dafa and the persecution.

During all these years of cultivation, I have broken my hands, leg, and back. I did not regard myself as an everyday person or a patient. Instead, I calmed down and looked for my attachments. I dug out my competitive mentality as well as attachments to self-interest, resentment, and sentimentality. I then sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate them.

When I rectified myself, Master took away most of the tribulations for me, so my body recovered quickly. I was then able to go out to save sentient beings again.

I understood what Master said:

“So as a cultivator, what is truly remarkable is when you can be steadfast and have righteous thoughts so firm that nothing can sway you. Be solid and firm like diamond, or granite, and then nothing can affect you--evil will be afraid at the mere sight of you. If upon encountering trying circumstances your thinking can be truly righteous, then, when faced with the evil's persecution and when faced with interference, just one sentence of yours fortified with steadfast righteous thoughts can instantly make the evil disintegrate (applause), and it will make those who are being used by the evil turn and flee, it will make the evil's persecution of you dissolve, and it will make the evil's interfering with you disappear without a trace. One thought born of righteous faith is all it takes. And whoever can hold firm that righteous thought and go the distance will become a magnificent god forged by Dafa.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. International Fa Conference”)

A practitioner and I went out to put up posters about Dafa before the Chinese New Year several years ago. We were arrested and taken to a detention center. We were forced to have our pictures and blood samples taken, and to wear the detention center uniform. I told myself never to cooperate with the police.

I sent forth righteous thoughts every hour in the detention center, and told the other inmates about the persecution. I looked within and found my attachments.

The guards did not try to stop me from talking to the inmates. A month later, the other practitioner and I were transferred to a forced labor camp for a two-year term.

On the way to there, I told the police about Dafa, the persecution, and quitting the CCP. They all agreed to quit. I also encouraged the other practitioner not to be scared and to have righteous thoughts.

I was not accepted in the labor camp for the surface level reason that I failed the physical exam, and so was sent home.

Although I am over 70 years old, I try to do the three things well. I never miss a single chance to save people, to strengthen my righteous thoughts, and to fulfill my vow.

Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!