(Minghui.org) I was sickly from the time I was a child – with asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, tachycardia, and allergic sinusitis, to name just a few of my ailments. I relied on daily injections of different drugs, whose side effects eventually left me nearly deaf and blind.

My physical condition made it impossible for me to commit to a regular job. I searched desperately for cures, but nothing helped.

While I was in the depths of despair, a friend gave me a copy of the book Zhuan Falun. All my health problems miraculously disappeared after I read it several times.

When the persecution of Falun Gong began in 1999, I was incarcerated twice for refusing to renounce my faith. The second time, I refused to eat or drink for 38 days. I was released only after doctors informed the labor camp officials that I did not have long to live. But Falun Gong saved me, and a few days after I was released, I was able to go back to work.

Before Falun Gong My Life Was Miserable

My liver and spleen were both abnormally swollen and I had gastritis and other digestive issues, a duodenal ulcer, an inflamed gallbladder, rheumatoid arthritis, and inflammation of my kidneys. These health problems often kept me up at night or gave me nightmares.

On top of that, I had serious internal and external hemorrhoids that bled and got easily infected.

Because I had such low blood pressure, I often fainted. Because my spine was dislocated in two places, I could not sit, lie down, or squat. Shortness of breath from asthma made me a frequent visitor to the ER.

There seemed to be something wrong with every part of me, and every day was a journey of misery. I could not go to school or take a job. Hospitals were like my regular residence since I was there all the time.

I traveled to different cities looking for cures. When Western medicine failed, I tried alternatives—I visited monks and healers, and even lived in a monastery for a time. I also read Taoist and Buddhist scriptures and even the Bible, hoping to find some relief, but nothing worked.

Falun Gong Saved Me

Hope arrived when a friend brought me Zhuan Falun. I finished reading it overnight in bed, forgetting that I had not been able to lie in bed for a long time. So I read the book again and yet again. Zhuan Falun opened up my mind and explained why my life was full of misery and what the meaning of life was. My mind and body were turned upside down, and life had a different meaning for me.

After reading the book for the fifth time, I noticed that my body became very light—I could walk, ride my bike, and climb up the stairs very easily. That was when I realized that all my ailments had left me! It was the happiest moment of my life!

Incarcerated for My Faith

After the persecution began, I was held in the local forced labor camp and brutally tortured.

The local 610 Office ransacked my home and arrested me again in 2007. Without due process, I was incarcerated in the local forced labor camp once more after being detained for over 12 days.

I was held in a cell that was designated specifically to torture Falun Gong practitioners. The guards put a “Division Head Office” sign on the door to try to conceal what they were doing.

There was no toilet in the cell, so the guards kept the door locked around the clock to force me to soil the space where I had to live. Having been incarcerated for my faith, I had not violated the law, so I decided that I should not eat or drink anything inside the labor camp. I would not give in to the Chinese Communist Party’s suppression.

The guards said that I would only be permitted to use the toilet after I agreed to eat, have my hair cut, and wear the camp uniform. I refused to follow their rules and continued to do the Falun Gong exercises, even though they tried to stop me.

After five days, I told the guards that I needed to use the toilet, but they still would not let me go. I couldn’t control it anymore and urinated on the floor in the hallway. They wiped the floor with my clothes as they insulted and beat me.

After that, they covered my mouth with tape every afternoon and tied my limbs together. They made me sit on a small stool full of tiny spikes. In the evening, two drug offenders took turns keeping me awake all night. The division head said that they would loosen my limbs if I agreed to cooperate, but I refused. The very next day, I was tied up like that for 15 hours straight.

The labor camp employees tried everything they could think of to force me to renounce my faith, but I told the political head, “I have been subjected to all of the brutal torture in here before, and you know that none of them worked on me. My life—every ounce of my being—belongs to Falun Gong. Nobody could ever hope to change that. You must release me immediately or be held liable for the consequences.”

Since I had been on a hunger strike for a long time, they took me to a police hospital and then a military hospital, where they discovered that I had dozens of health problems. Consequently, none of the hospitals wanted to keep me. They told the labor camp to send me home since, according to them, I had “only a few days left to live.”

The guards ridiculed me, “Do you know how much longer you have to live?” I replied, “Once I am released, I will demonstrate to you the mighty virtue of Falun Gong!”

Falun Gong Saved My Life a Second Time

I did not eat nor drink anything for 38 days in the forced labor camp, but I was never hungry. As a matter of fact, I felt energized even though I had lost a tremendous amount of weight.

I completely recovered a few days after returning home and could eat as usual. The labor camp section head went to the local police station three months later and asked about me. To his bewilderment, he found out that I was fully recovered and had already gone back to work.