(Minghui.org) My life used to be full of hardship. My husband suffered an untimely death from an illness, leaving me with a huge debt and three young children. I didn't have a regular income during that time and only made a little money doing sewing work. My daughter was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and my small income had to pay for our daily needs, medicine, tuition fees and debt. Life was so tough that living seemed worse than death. That is, until I started practicing Falun Dafa in 2003.

Obtaining the Fa

My neighbor came to my home one day in 2003, wanting me to help alter her clothes. She saw the miserable expression on my face, and said: “I have a really good book that could help you.” She then came to my home every day and read the book Zhuan Falun to me. I believed that this book truly tells people how to be good.

She came to my home one morning and only read a few paragraphs before leaving. After she left, I opened the book and saw vividly that something jumped out of the book. I thought it might be my eyes playing tricks on me. My daughter said: “It is not your eyes, something is flying out of the book!” We both saw pink, orange and yellow flowers flying and jumping out. It was amazing! I told my daughter that this is a precious book.

My neighbor came back to collect the book in the afternoon, and I told her about what we had seen. I asked her to help us get a copy of the book. The persecution against Falun Gong in China was in full swing then, and it was really hard to get the book. But she said she would try her best.

Two months later, on March 18, 2003, she brought me the book, and I quickly read it. She later brought me some exercise DVDs. My daughter and I watched them and started learning the Falun Dafa exercises.

My Family and I Benefit from Practicing Falun Dafa

Master said:

“Ordinary human affairs, according to the Buddha School, all have predestined relationships. Birth, old age, illness, and death exist as such for ordinary people. Due to karma resulting from past wrongdoing, one has illnesses or tribulations.” (Zhuan Falun)

I thus came to understand why I had so many tribulations and hardships in my life.

The principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance rectified my selfish mentality and is deeply rooted in my heart. I try to think of others first when I do things. My character has also changed, and I get along with my neighbors very well.

Through cultivation, all my physical ailments such as anemia, spine and neck problems and stomach ulcers, have disappeared. For the first time, I felt how wonderful life is to be free of illness.

My daughter later started to practice Falun Dafa and her schizophrenia went away soon after.

My elder son also started practicing Falun Dafa with us. One day, while cycling to work he was hit by a motorbike from behind. He was thrown about five meters.

He told me that when he was hit, he felt as if a large hand had grabbed his clothes and put him on a sponge that slid along the road and then stopped. Passers-by came rushing over to see how he was. His bicycle was mangled, but he wasn't injured. He had no doubt that Master had saved his life.

Accidental Fire Caused No Damage

When my house was being built in April 2006, the electrician extended the wires from the main switch in the village to my house.

When they stopped working for the day, they left the wires dangling overhead. I worried that the wires could block the cars passing there, so I went to the roof of the house and tried to lift the wires higher.

I don't know anything about electricity, so when I lifted the wires, suddenly two live wires touched, and I heard a big bang and a spark shot out very far, starting a fire.

I was so scared. I immediately knelt down on the roof and put my hands together in front of my chest and asked for Master's help: “I've made a mistake Master, please help me. Whatever the consequences are, I will take responsibility for it.” The fire then went out suddenly.

I asked an electrician to fix the wires, and visited every family in the village to ask if there was any electrical damage. Luckily, there was none.

Fractured Arm Recovers Without Treatment

I took the last bus home on March 8, 2009. When I got off the bus I planned to take a short cut to get home, so I walked through a gap in a collapsed wall. However, there was a 3-meter drop on the other side, but I couldn't see it because it was dark. I lost my balance and fell.

I lost consciousness for some time, and it took me about half an hour to stand up. My home was only 100 meters away, but it took me an hour to get there.

I couldn't lift my left arm after getting home, so I used my right hand to light incense in front of Master's picture, and started reading Zhuan Falun until the incense burned out.

I rested for a while before trying to lift my arm again. I found that I could move it slightly. I then continued to study the Fa and send forth righteous thoughts.

Three days later, my arm had completely recovered. I met my brother six months later and asked him to examine my arm, as he is a doctor. He felt the bones and told me that my arm had, in fact, been fractured.

I knew that it was compassionate Master who helped me.