(Minghui.org) I began handing out truth-clarification periodicals to people over a year ago. At first, I distributed them when I was on my way to conduct business. I found that this was very effective, and sometimes I could also persuade people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations.

I was soon able to distribute ten to twenty copies of truth-clarification periodicals each time I went out. I can now distribute over one hundred copies. I also hand out DVDs with software that can circumvent the Internet blockade.

Some of the people I met last year refused to accept the materials; they yelled at me or threw the materials to the ground. However, this year it seems that more people know that practitioners are good people who are being persecuted. Currently, people ask me for materials. Some want one copy of each version, and others want one copy for themselves and more for their family members. Sometimes groups of people surround me, eager to get materials.

Once I had only two copies left after distributing the materials in front of a supermarket. I was about to go home when a woman asked me: “Who gave you these booklets? Who is paying you to do this?”

“I downloaded the information from the Internet and spent my own money to make these booklets,” I replied. “I make the materials to let people know the facts. I sincerely wish to save people.”

I explained: “Falun Dafa is practiced all over the world. The money the CCP is spending is taken from the Chinese people. It's our hard-earned money, and it is us Chinese people who feed the CCP. The Party is very corrupt and has committed crimes such as harvesting organs for profit from living Falun Dafa practitioners. What goes around, comes around – no one can stop heaven from destroying the CCP when the time is due.”

As I spoke, the lady began to cry. She shook my hand and repeatedly thanked me. I gave her a booklet. I was deeply touched by the change in her, a person who had been poisoned by the CCP’s lies. How many people haven't we yet saved!

During the Chinese New Year, I met a man in his fifties. While I distributed materials, he followed me and kept taking photos. I wasn't angry, but I knew he would create a bad future for himself if he reported me to the authorities.

I turned around and stopped him. We stood there for several minutes, neither of us moved. At last, he showed me his police card, and said: “Look! I'm a policeman and I can lock you up just for having these materials!”

“I'm distributing these materials so that people can know the truth!” I replied.

His attitude changed right away, and he said: “It's the New Year. You should go home and enjoy the holiday.”

One day when I gave a man a booklet, he said: “This is about Falun Dafa and I will report you.” Before I could say anything, he grabbed my arm. I thought: “I won’t let him do this.”

Another man who overheard this said, “Please hurry up and leave. This man doesn’t deserve to get the information.”

Realizing that this may have been a hint from Teacher, I took the periodical out of his hand and thought: “Your phone call will be blocked.” I quickly walked away, but I kept handing out materials.

I often run into people who say: “How dare you distribute this on the street? The police will arrest you.” I thought there's nothing wrong with handing out information since everyday people distribute leaflets on the street. We need to let more people know the truth and we don’t need to do hide what we're doing. I remind myself of this whenever I hand out materials, and it is effective.

This August, the print quality of the periodicals was poor. I thought that those materials would have a negative effect on people, and I didn’t want to distribute them. I felt tired and took a break. I told the practitioner in charge of the printing not to print any more materials. I had only twenty copies left, so one morning I went to a market to distribute them.

When I only had ten copies left, someone began following me and asking for one. Suddenly, several people asked me for copies, even a person in a wheelchair followed me asking for one. Very soon, all the copies were gone. Those who didn’t get a copy were eagerly looking for me.

I immediately realized that people are waiting for us and I couldn’t stop distributing the materials. On my way home, I thought of the anxious expressions of the people who had asked for booklets. As soon as I arrived home, I told the practitioner in charge to please print more materials. He told me that he bought a new printer.

I thank fellow practitioners who keep me supplied with materials!

I used to have a strong attachment to competitiveness that made me worry about how much material I could give out. Over the course of handing out materials I have talked to many different people, and gradually, I've become more compassionate and understanding.

I have been steadily working on other attachments, such as saving face, resentment, being nervous, fear, and zealotry, and my righteous thoughts are getting stronger. I know that Teacher is helping me, and my attachments are being eliminated.

I hope all practitioners in China will come out to save people face to face. We should cherish the time extended by Master. I hope every practitioner will step forward and honor our prehistoric vows.