(Minghui.org) Five months after Mr. Wang Baoshan was arrested for hanging up a Falun Gong banner, he is still incarcerated even though the procuratorate returned his case to the police and the government officials in charge of his case don't appear inclined to indict him.

Mr. Wang's lawyer learned in mid-November 2017 that his case had been transferred from the Fengrun District Procuratorate to the next level Procuratorate in Tangshan City, which rejected the case and sent it to the Domestic Security Division. The Domestic Security Division then returned it to Yongjijie Police Station, where the case originated, citing insufficient evidence.

During his conversations with Fengrun District Procuratorate officials, the lawyer learned that Mr. Wang's case had been passed over by the Tangshan City Procuratorate. The lower level procuratorate in the Fengrun District doesn't have the authority to decide the outcome.

Meanwhile, Mr. Wang's family members went to Yongjijie Police Station several times to inquire about him. Officer Meng Qinggang told them that he was working to collect more evidence.

Mr. Wang was arrested on July 3, 2017, for hanging up a Falun Gong banner in front of a Tangshan City government building. Huang Sanping, who is the deputy mayor and deputy director of the Tangshan Police Department, was infuriated about the banner and ordered that Mr. Wang be arrested and prosecuted.

Mr. Wang is currently detained in Fengrun District Detention Center.

During the past five months that Mr. Wang has been detained, Falun Gong practitioners in the Fengrun District have been mailing letters to the officials involved, encouraging them not to participate in the persecution.

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Perpetrators' contact information:
Liu Jianguo (刘建国), secretary, Tangshan City Political and Legal Affairs Committee: +86-13831518989
Wang Baoguo (王保国), head, Tangshan 610 Office: +86-13903382980Zhang Zexing (张泽兴), head, Tangshan City Domestic Security Division: +86-13832981512Zhang Bin (张斌), head, Yongjijie Police Station: +86-13832985865Meng Qinggang (孟庆刚), officer, Yongjijie Police Station in charge of Mr. Wang's case: +86-18832989883