(Minghui.org) Recently while sharing with fellow practitioners, I found one problem. The most common topics we talk about are when and how the persecution will end. Very few people talk about how we should cherish the time given to us, and how to cultivate oneself better to save more people.

I personally believe that it is a manifestation of selfishness. With such a strong human notion, many of our sentient beings will lose their chance to be saved before Fa-rectification ends.

Master has addressed this issue:

“If you don't cultivate well, many beings will be weeded out, and when you reach Consummation, when you return to your place, you'll find that an extremely large number of beings who at one time put infinite hope in you have been weeded out. Then in this cosmic colossal firmament, it's very possible that the cosmic bodies you represent will be in a broken and incomplete state, and countless sentient beings will have been weeded out.” (“Touring North America to Teach the Fa”)

I know that many practitioners took up cultivation due to their fundamental attachments; they have, however, failed to eliminate these attachments in cultivation. Instead, they have developed new attachments at the end of Fa-rectification. When the end does not come, they are disappointed. Some of them even lost the confidence to cultivate. They got trapped by human notions.

It is true that sometimes practitioners may have human notions; the key issue is whether we can get rid off these things in cultivation.

In fact, no matter how much time we still have left in the Fa-rectification, we should strictly follow Master's teachings. It will be enough if we can fulfill our missions.

Time is limited; our energy is limited. We have already had too many regrets in cultivation. For the rest of the Fa-rectification journey, we should focus on how to validate the Fa and save more people.