(Minghui.org) When working with other practitioners in various projects, conflicts often arise. As Dafa practitioners, the only solution is to let the Fa guide us, to look within, and to cultivate ourselves, and conflicts can be resolved quickly. In the past year I looked within and was able to solve the conflicts I had with practitioners.

Cell Phone Safety

Practitioner Mei was very enthusiastic about doing Dafa work and was never arrested or imprisoned. She seldom paid attention to safety issues regarding cell phone use. She would use full real names when calling others and mentioned things that she shouldn’t have. After I discussed this with several practitioners, we decided to talk to Mei about the safety issue.

As soon as we sat down and told Mei why we were there, she became infuriated. She said that she would never contact other practitioners again and would delete everyone’s phone number. I asked her to calm down and suggested that we all look within.

Another practitioner didn’t agree. “If she can’t even consider the suggestion, what is there to look within about? We can’t just cater to her!”

“Precisely because we have the attachment to changing others,” I said, “we are unable to exchange opinions.”

After we left Mei’s house, the other practitioner started to complain about her. I suggested that we look within again. A few minutes later Mei texted me and said, “I was wrong. I have seen my attachment of not being able to accept others' opinions.”

Mei sent me two more text messages after I got home, telling me that she had found her attachments. She still didn’t realize that it wasn’t safe to text such things, which should only be exchanged in person.

When Mei understood the severity of the safety issue, she never brought her phone to other practitioners’ homes. At the same time she saw that everything that needed to be done could be done without a cell phone, because Master is helping us.

Locks and Production Site Safety

Practitioner Gao’s house was a material production site and about six practitioners had keys to her house. When a local practitioner was arrested, Gao was asked to change her lock and she did. Now the practitioners with old keys couldn’t enter her home anymore.

We stored our materials in practitioner Dai’s basement. One day Dai wanted me to deliver something to the basement, so I asked practitioner Ani for the key to the basement. When I met with Ani, I was in a hurry and didn’t tell her why I needed the key before I left.

I later ran into Ani and she was furious. “You had Gao change her lock and took my key to Ani’s basement. You are keeping me from doing Dafa work!”

I explained to her that it wasn’t my idea to change Gao’s lock and suggested that she talk to Gao. She refused.

There are no coincidences in cultivation and Ani’s attitude must have targeted one of my attachments. Master says in “Don’t Argue” in Hong Yin III:

Don’t argue when people argue with youCultivation is looking within for the causeWanting to explain just feeds the attachmentBreadth of mind, unattached, brings true insight

I calmed down and asked Ani to study the Fa with me. She refused. I then asked to go to her home and study the Fa with her. She still said no. A few days later Ani saw me and apologized. “You were unbelievably calm that day,” she said. “I see the gap between you and me.”

I told her that I was simply doing what Master asks us to.

Loopholes in Safety Awareness

The police arrested practitioner Bin this year. Some practitioners’ minds weren’t focused on looking within and rescuing Bin. They were faulting Bin and those who worked with him.

Practitioner Oha said emotionally, “Bin was arrested because he didn’t behave like a practitioner. His wife suspected that he was having an affair. Now I doubt if any female practitioner still wants to drive him around and give him money to make the materials.”

There are very few male practitioners who would come out to do Dafa work. Naturally Bin worked with female practitioners most of the time. I responded to practitioner Oha. “Bin is suffering right now. Why are we finding fault with him?”

She criticized Bin even more. After we sent righteous thoughts at six o’clock, she continued to speak ill of Bin. I reminded her that we should follow Master’s guidance as to what to do.

On my way home, I complained about Oha in my mind. She wouldn’t buy a car even though she was well off and had a driver’s license. I lived frugally so that I could save enough to buy a car and gasoline to drive practitioners, including Bin, to do Dafa work.

Why was she spreading rumors? I immediately caught this thought that didn’t conform to the Fa and looked within. I knew that I shouldn’t complain about Oha. I am not here to validate the Fa because of her. The harsh comments she made were for me to find my attachments to complaining, lust, and desire that were buried deep down. I immediately calmed down.

I frankly shared my opinions with practitioner Oha later. She was able to look within as well, and we're working well together in Dafa projects.

In the past year I have experienced the limitless power of looking within. As long as we can look within unconditionally when conflicts appear, we can resolve them and improve our xinxing.

When we work with practitioners, we should focus on their strengths. Every practitioner has signed a contract with Master and came to this world to help Master rectify the Fa and save people. They have come this far and are steadfast.

We should humbly let go of self and learn how to better listen so that we can do well and work together.