(Minghui.org) Under former dictator Jiang Zemin's mandate to “eradicate” Falun Gong, individuals in law enforcement, the media, education, and other professions have faced pressure to participate in the persecution, willing or not. 

However, more and more who have realized the truth about Falun Gong have had the courage to speak out. Below are a few such cases, in which two professors and a kindhearted guard dare to support Falun Gong.

Chinese Professors Stand Up for Falun Gong

Sun [alias] is a professor at a renowned university in Central China. He holds high honors with the State Department, and his publications are influential in the education circle. I was in one of his graduate courses and knew that he was not only knowledgeable but also a man of conscience. He was disappointed in the education system in China for being heavily influenced by politics. He often talked about how the Chinese Communist regime destroyed traditional Chinese culture. At that time I wasn’t sure about his attitude toward Falun Gong and the persecution.

I saw Professor Sun again when he was invited to give a talk at the company where I worked. He again complained, “Once I talked about how politics is the problem in our education system, a person next to me made fun of me, saying that I wouldn't let it go. So what? It’s something that needs to be said, so I'll keep saying it.”

He went on and said something that made hundreds of us silent. “As an educator, one must have principles and character. One year I was in charge of grading the college entrance exams. A teaching assistant rushed in looking terrified with an essay in his hand. The title of the essay was: “What Did Falun Gong Do [to deserve persecution]? A few of us held a discussion and decided to put politics aside and grade the essay as is. In the end, we gave it a passing grade.”

Professor Sun stopped here and looked at his audience. Most of us were born in the 1980s and were a little shocked that he dared to speak out for Falun Gong despite all the intense propaganda. As professor Sun put away his smile and looked solemn, everyone started to think about what he said seriously and seemed to wake up to something. At the moment, it was so quiet as if everyone responded with, “Oh, it's true [that the persecution is wrong].”

Six months later I came across Professor Wen [alias] who taught in a provincial social science academy. After reading the book Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, which he had brought back from Taiwan, he took a 180-degree turn on his attitude toward the massacre of the students for democracy that took place on Tiananmen in 1989. He decided to withdraw his membership in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He also talked about how evil the CCP is and praised Falun Gong.

Guard Protects and Encourages Detained Falun Gong Practitioners

I heard about guard Wang [alias] when I was locked in a detention center for practicing Falun Gong. The head of the cell I was in told me that guard Wang frequently told the other guards that they should be kind to Falun Gong practitioners because they were good people.

I had not met Wang until a year later when a practitioner and I were sentenced to prison terms and a few guards were transferring us to the prison. A tall, thin guard sat in front of me and listened to us talk about Falun Gong with a kind smile on his face. The deputy chief of the detention center got in the car and began to ridicule us for being “stubborn” about our faith. I was about to argue and the guard in front of me signaled me not to. We knew that he was protecting us and stayed silent. He was Wang.

As we were at a station waiting for our paperwork to be processed and having our health checked, Wang was with us the whole time. After the health exam, the practitioner and I stood in the hallway looking out the window.

Someone said, “Don’t be anxious. The dawn is just ahead.” The voice was quiet, but it sounded like thunder to me. I turned around and it was Wang. He stood next to us with a smile. I could see his eyes now and he was nothing but sincere.

We looked at Wang and nodded. Not wanting to get him into trouble, we didn’t talk to him.

The practitioner turned and said to me, “Did you know that Li Dongsheng has been arrested?” I didn’t know who Li was. “He’s the head of the 610 Office and the vice public security minister. He was arrested this year,” said the practitioner. The 610 Office is an extralegal CCP organization that oversees the persecution of Falun Gong.

After hearing what the practitioner said, Wang repeated, “Don’t be anxious. The dawn is just ahead.”

When the paperwork was done, Wang waved goodbye before he left.