(Minghui.org) My family has practiced Falun Dafa for many years. I would like to share some our experiences of regaining our health, being blessed by Dafa, and telling people about Dafa.

Learning Dafa

I was the first in my family to start practicing Falun Dafa. It was 1998. I was 33 and suffered from several health problems. I'd heard that my sister-in-law's ailments had gone away after practicing Dafa for a couple of months, so I started and I recovered, too.

When the head of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Jiang Zemin began the persecution of Falun Dafa in 1999, I didn't turn in my Dafa books, but I stopped practicing for four years. My health problems, such as a herniated lumbar disc and migraines, came back. I couldn't even wash clothes.

A cousin who practiced Dafa urged me to pick up the practice again. Another practitioner who repaired shoes told me, “You have fallen behind on Dafa.” I then took out my books and started studying the Fa and doing the exercises again. My ailments were gone in three days!

My husband started learning Dafa in July 2006. He was drinking wine one day. After I left the room, he picked up my Dafa book and read a dozen pages. He could sit in meditation in the full lotus position the next day. And on the third day, he couldn't drink or smoke and quit for good.

Our 10-year-old son also started practicing in 2006.

He climbed into my bed and said, “Mom, I need to memorize the Dafa book now.”

“You haven't read the Dafa book, how can you memorize it?”

“It's all here,” he said as he pointed to his forehead. He could see Dafa books via his celestial eye.

He saw multicolored lotus flowers, big and small, through his celestial eye the next day. Then he started having symptoms of a cold.

“What do you want to do,” I asked him, “go to the hospital or stay home to study Falun Dafa?”

“Study Dafa,” he answered. He recovered shortly after studying the Dafa.

Saved by Dafa

When my daughter tried to break up with her boyfriend, he flew into a rage. He stabbed her over 50 times and almost blinded her in one eye. Then he pushed her off of a fourth-floor balcony.

The police called us, and my husband and I rushed to the city where she lived. We kept sending the righteous thoughts on our way there.

Our daughter told us that she felt a warm hand holding her as she fell from the balcony. Master had given her a helping hand!

We read Dafa books to her. She was by herself in a double-occupancy room in the hospital. Another patient wanted to take the other bed, but somehow it didn't happen. I knew this was to give my daughter uninterrupted time to study Dafa.

When people came to visit our daughter, my husband and I talked to them about Falun Dafa and the communist regime's persecution. We advised them to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. My daughter did also. Over 20 people quit the CCP.

My daughter was able to go home after two weeks in the hospital.

The young man's parents came to see us three times. We told them that we'd decided to forgive their son, which was likely to reduce his prison term when he was sentenced. They were very appreciative. We told them about Dafa and convinced them to quit the CCP. They also took two copies of Zhuan Falun, Falun Dafa's main book, to read.

After hearing that we'd forgiven the young man, the manager of the detention center where he was detained said, “I didn't know there were such kind people left in the world.”

Arrest and Release

I was arrested in 2008. When a police officer started to handcuff me, I sent out a righteous thought: “I haven't done anything wrong. Put the handcuffs down.” He put them down.

I sent out another righteous thought: “Don't let their pens write.” They tried all their pens so they could take notes, but none of them worked.

I sent out a further righteous thought, “You can't take my picture.” Then they couldn't take any pictures of me.

My husband and son informed other practitioners and they all sent righteous thoughts for me. My mother-in-law and a few relatives went to the police station to request my release. The police extorted 6,000 yuan (~$1,000 USD) from them.

I was released seven hours later.

On my way out, I took all the money back. A police officer whined, “Then we don't get anything.”

Material Production Center

We started to create our own informational materials to inform people about the persecution of Falun Dafa in the summer of 2007. The first material production center was set up in our home. We installed software to break the CCP's Internet censorship to download materials from the Minghui website. We also hooked up a printer. My husband learned how from another practitioner. He also woke up our son at night a few times to ask him for help.

We later set up another material production center in the city (we live in a village). A practitioner rented an apartment, and my husband brought the computer and printers over. But before we could start production, the police arrested the other practitioner and only he had a key to the apartment.

Then a miracle happened. My son moved a bag that he rarely used, and a key fell out. It was a key to the apartment!

My husband and I went to the apartment, moved the equipment out, and set up the production center at another location.

Lawsuit against Jiang Zemin

After my husband and I filed lawsuits against Jiang Zemin in 2015, the village manager told me to go to the township appeal office. The township officer asked me why I'd filed the lawsuit, so I explained how had Jiang persecuted me. The officer himself said how important it is for people to follow their conscience instead of official orders when there is a conflict between the two. We told him how wonderful Dafa is.

A 610 Office agent showed up and asked me why I'd sued Jiang. I told him how I had been persecuted. “Oh, you were wronged,” he said.

Another 610 Office agent showed up. I told him, “Falun Dafa saves people. You are walking into a trap; let me tell you how to avoid it.”