(Minghui.org) Most of the practitioners in my Fa study group are in their seventies and eighties. For a long time we only read a chapter of Zhuan Falun each time we gathered. One practitioner in his eighties thought it was hard work. Most of the time he enjoyed his easy and comfortable life. He wouldn’t exercise outdoors if he thought the weather was cold.

An article on the Minghui website a while ago got me thinking. The author wondered, if two people had the same enlightenment quality and one read a chapter of Zhuan Falun each month and the other read a chapter each week, how far apart would their levels be ten years down the road.

I quickly went to the practitioner in charge of the Fa study group. I suggested that he read the Minghui article and have us study two chapters of Zhuan Falun each time.

Right before we began to study the Fa one day, a practitioner learned that we would be studying the Fa differently and got really angry. He jumped up and pointed at me yelling, “I will never agree to this. Who allowed you to change what has always been done here? It’s you who has driven me out of this group. I am out!”

Other practitioners couldn’t console him before he left. It all happened very fast. I asked the practitioner in charge what happened, and he told me that he didn’t have a chance to discuss the change with that practitioner.

If that was true, then how did that practitioner know that it was me who suggested the change? I couldn’t figure out what happened and felt terrible. I was also embarrassed in front of everyone. I tried to stay calm.

At the moment Master’s words reminded me what to do.

“Of course, you will not be informed of a tribulation or conflict ahead of time. How can you practice cultivation if you are told everything? It will not serve any use. They usually occur unexpectedly so that they can test one’s xinxing and make one’s xinxing truly improve. Only then can it be seen whether one can maintain one’s xinxing. Therefore, when a conflict arises, it does not occur accidentally.” (Zhuan Falun)

I knew that it was a test for me and I needed to pass it. I was determined to do well.

I stayed and studied the Fa peacefully, thanking that practitioner. I realized that Master had arranged for that practitioner and others to help me improve my xinxing.

Master said,

“That Buddha, of course, will not do anything for this person because that problem is arranged by the Buddha, intending to improve his xinxing and upgrade him by way of the tribulation.” (Zhuan Falun)

I couldn’t let this great opportunity to improve myself slip away. I told the practitioner in charge, “When it comes to personal interest and conflicts, a practitioner should have the courage to step back. This is not weak, but a manifestation of great tolerance. Han Xin is respected for his endurance as Master says in Zhuan Falun, 'Han Xin was an everyday person after all. As practitioners, we should be much better than he.' Besides, the quality of Fa study does not depend on the number of times we read the book, but how focused we are when we read.”

The practitioner in charge was glad to hear it and we found a solution to the conflict.

Being practitioners toward the end of Fa rectification, we should seize every opportunity to improve ourselves. These conflicts are priceless resources that Master gives us to cultivate. We should remember what Master tells us and make use of every opportunity given to us to improve our xinxing.