(Minghui.org) Our Fa study group was established in 2003 and has not been shut down despite the persecution.

Practitioner Zhang Lets Go of the Attachment to Fear

The eldest practitioner in our group is 82-year-old Zhang. She has not created trouble for anyone and dislikes any kind of conflict. However, she held the attachment of fear.

At the beginning of the persecution, her daughter was arrested, and her home was monitored. She was terrified. Whenever she heard a police siren, the ringing of the phone, or even someone knocking at the door, she became scared. She hid all her Falun Dafa books and did not know what to do.

As other practitioners came to her home to study the Fa, her fear lessened and her righteous thoughts strengthened. Through studying the Fa and doing the exercises every day, she improved greatly: she had a healthy glow on her face and no longer frowned or worried. She also began to distribute informational materials about Dafa. She was able to let go of her attachment to fear. She also filed a criminal complaint against Jiang Zemin, the former head of the communist regime who launched the persecution, using her real name.

However, after many years of persecution, her daughter passed away in the fall of 2015. Her grandchildren could not stop crying, and her heart was broken. Another practitioner asked her to live with her, and fellow practitioners came to study the Fa, share experiences, and send forth righteous thoughts with her. The energy generated during those activities greatly reinforced her courage. She is walking on her cultivation path solidly.

Practitioner Zhi: Realizing the Seriousness of Cultivation

Fellow practitioner Zhi is 57 years old and the youngest in our group. She started practicing before the onset of the persecution. However, she was overwhelmed by the persecution and cultivated on and off. She returned to our group at the beginning of this year. When she first read with others, she could not focus or read smoothly, which affected her understanding of the Fa.

After reading the Fa, other practitioners patiently guided her and discussed the teachings and their relationship to one’s xinxing. This encouraged Zhi, and she realized that she had not taken cultivation seriously. She understood that she had to assimilate to Dafa from the fundamental level.

From that point on, she has spent a lot of time reading the Fa and doing the exercises. She also made truth-clarification phone calls and distributed Dafa-related materials in public. She asked people to quit the Party and its youth organizations, and many agreed to quit after listening to her.

Now, she measures her actions based on the Fa whenever she goes through sickness karma or faces conflicts. She also became more considerate of others. She pledged that she would cultivate diligently and be a steadfast practitioner.

Ms. Zhen and Ms. Hua Cooperate on Dafa Projects

Practitioners Ms. Zhen and Ms. Hua read the Fa with several Fa study groups. They also take Dafa materials to others practitioners for distribution.

Ms. Zhen's husband is in poor health. She takes care of him, does her house chores, and then goes out to distribute Dafa brochures.

These two work very well together and clarify the truth face to face. When one talks, the other sends forth righteous thoughts.

Finding and Letting Go of Attachments

Practitioner Ms. Xia has a comfortable life. She studied the Fa with other practitioners but did not notice much improvement. She realized that she had many attachments that she had not let go of. After sharing with fellow practitioners, she learned to find her attachments and how to let go of them. She has improved greatly.

Ms. Xiang, 71, has practiced for a long time but held a high opinion of herself. Whenever anyone had different thoughts, she would complain until they used her idea. Her behavior caused conflicts with others. Through group sharing and looking within, she discovered attachments of a competitive mentality, jealousy, and selfishness. Gradually, she became more tolerant and no longer fights over minor issues. When making truth-clarification phone calls, she also is calmer and more compassionate.