(Minghui.org) Everyone in my family is a Falun Gong practitioner. Everyday things in our daily lives sometimes give us hints when we do not cultivate diligently. Below are some examples that we have experienced.

A Leaky Water Pipe

The water pipe in our restroom, which was installed more than 39 years ago, was rusty, and it suddenly started to drip nonstop.

Someone in the family said that it was probably just time to replace it. I said, “Water leaking? It seems to me it is a hint that we have shortcomings in our cultivation. We should look inward.”

This fellow practitioner replied, “Indeed. We should look inward carefully for our shortcomings.”

Once we had this thought, the leak slowed down to only about one drip a minute. It was clear to us that the pipe had started to leak because of our lack of diligence in cultivation.

We started with sending righteous thoughts, especially when we did the three things. We then looked inward and immediately corrected any shortcomings or human notions we found. Eventually, we forgot about the leak.

One day, I suddenly realized that the water pipe had stopped leaking.

Cell Phone Won't Charge Fully

I tried to charge my cell phone. But even after leaving it on the charger overnight, it only charged halfway. I didn't know what could be wrong. This seemed to tell me that I had shortcomings in my Fa study.

I quickly put aside what I was doing and started to look inward. I realized that I'd been spending less time studying the Fa. When I did, I didn't do it diligently because I was too busy with other things. As a result, I wasn't working efficiently and I was getting poor results.

I started to memorize the book Zhuan Falun. Once I calmed down, I could remember the words in the book easily. It took me only about ten minutes to memorize one paragraph.

I took a quick glance at the cell phone and saw it was almost fully charged. I knew that I had done the right thing. I then continued committing the Fa to memory until I had adequate righteous thoughts and my dimensional field was purified.

The efficiency and quality of my work improved greatly.

Computer Automatically Shut Down

I had a strong attachment to getting work done. This attachment greatly interfered with my cultivation and had caused many problems for me. It took time away from my Fa study. As a result, I was exploited by the old forces.

One day, I was in a hurry to print the informational materials, but I was also working on other things. The computer suddenly shut down. How could that happen? It was not overheated. No matter how hard I tried, it kept shutting down even after I sent forth righteous thoughts. There was also a problem with the printer. I stopped and studied the Fa.

I should have done that earlier, but the attachment seemed to control me, making me think that Fa study could wait after other things were done. But that time never came, because I had so many things to get done. When I tried to calm down to study the Fa, thoughts about the problems with the computer, the printer and other things crowded my mind.

I firmly sent forth a righteous thought to disintegrate all factors interfering with my Fa study. Once I finally calmed down, I did well.

I felt very relaxed and had strong righteous thoughts after studying the Fa for awhile.

Surprisingly, the computer and the printer started to work. No more problems.