(Minghui.org) Ms. Li Wenhong began to have stomach trouble in 1999 that, within just a few years, advanced to stomach paralysis, a medical condition in which the stomach muscle is paralyzed, preventing food from passing normally into the small intestine.

She tried Western medicine for many years, but nothing seemed to help. She tried gavage feeding for several months but stopped when the tube knotted in her stomach. She then tried traditional Chinese medicine, with no better luck.

When no more doctors or hospitals were willing to treat her, she returned home to wait for her death and became extremely depressed. Her best friend checked on her from time to time.

This friend, however, noted something different when she visited Ms. Li one day in 2013: Her complexion glowed and she had a big smile on her face. What had happened?

It turned out that Ms. Li had begun to practice Falun Gong, a spiritual discipline being persecuted by the Chinese communist regime, a few weeks before, and her stomach paralysis had just disappeared without a trace!

One of Ms. Li's colleagues later went to see the same doctor who once treated Ms. Li. The doctor asked about Ms. Li and was shocked to hear she was still alive. He couldn’t believe that Falun Gong could have such healing power.

Ms. Li, who worked for Bazhou City Petroleum Exploration Bureau in Hebei Province, was arrested on September 26, 2017, for sharing her experience with people and telling them that Falun Gong was nothing like what the state propaganda depicted it to be.

She is still in the Bazhou City Detention Center.

Ms. Li's Friend Shares Details

When she learned of Ms. Li’s arrest, her friend decided to share more of what she knew about Ms. Li’s health struggles and her recovery from practicing Falun Gong:

Western Medicine Failed to Help Ms. Li

Ms. Li developed chronic gastritis in 1999, and anemia, sinus problems, fibroids, breast hyperplasia, and constipation soon followed. She felt her body was failing her and became more and more depressed, which only aggravated her stomach trouble.

In just a few years, Ms. Li had stomach paralysis and could no longer keep any food down.

She was treated by Dr. Ke Meiyun, a well-known specialist who still works at Peking Union Medical College Hospital, a renowned general hospital in Beijing, today, but she didn’t improve a bit.

Dr. Ke put Ms. Li on gastric gavage feeding and sent her home. The feeding tube started oxidizing in her stomach in a few months and eventually became knotted. She decided to pull it out herself. The knot got stuck in her nostril, but she yanked it out. Blood and flesh covered the tube. She was not only in tremendous physical pain but was also emotionally distressed about her health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Didn't Help Either

Ms. Li then tried traditional Chinese medicine hospitals in Beijing. While treating her, Dr. Wei Wei of Beijing Xuanwu Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital explained to his medical residents that Ms. Li would die from complications of being unable to eat normally.

I remember visiting her after she came back from Beijing. She was only in her 30s but looked like she was at least 70. It was January, and a healthy person would be fine with one layer of clothes while indoors. She had five layers on.

She is 5’6’’ tall but weighed only 90 pounds then. She told me that her internal organs were failing and she was often incontinent. She didn’t even remember how many times she was issued critical condition notices.

She called me in early 2013 and said she’d soon go to Beijing Kuanjie Chinese Medicine Hospital. She warned me that she might not get out of there alive.

She was there for only three weeks when the doctors advised her to go home. She said, “I still can’t eat and I’ll die if I leave today.” The hospital discharged her anyway, but she checked right back in. The doctors then refused to treat her because they knew there was no hope.

She had to return home. With her husband in Xinjiang and her son in Beijing, both working hard to earn money for her medical treatments, her mother-in-law delivered half a bowl of congee to her every day. That congee would be all she ate for an entire day. She divided the congee into five small meals of only one spoonful of congee.

I also remember her using a toothpick to dip into a honey jar and then taking a sip of honey. She'd heard that honey might help the digestive system.

For several years, I visited her each and every day. Her depression was getting worse and worse, and I really worried about what she might do, especially since her apartment was on the fifth floor.

She never locked her door, because she was always in bed. I just went in every time I visited her.

A Miracle Made Possible by Falun Gong

One day she told me not to visit her every day. She promised to call me if she needed any help. I thought she must have been in so much pain that she was just waiting for death. I respected her wish and refrained from visiting her for one week.

She didn’t call. Another week passed, and there was still no call.

I got very worried and decided to check on her.

I pushed the door as usual, but it didn’t open. Strangely, the door was locked this time. I knocked and heard someone coming. I thought she must have had some relatives with her the past few weeks. I was shocked to see her open the door.

She did not look like someone who was dying. She was beaming and glowing.

“What?” I exclaimed. “You’re totally recovered? The honey you ate helped? I’m going to try the honey treatment myself for my stomach problems.”

She replied, “No, the honey didn’t help me. I recovered by practicing Falun Gong these two weeks!”

I couldn’t believe what I'd heard. “Falun Gong can save people from death? That’s beyond miraculous! Falun Gong has been persecuted for so many years, and now I understand why so many people are still practicing it!”

I told her that I supported her practicing Falun Gong and urged her to keep it up. As her friend, I knew firsthand what she had gone through all these years. I was just so happy she had found a cure without spending a penny.

One of her colleagues was later treated at Beijing Kuanjie Chinese Medicine Hospital by Dr. Zhai, who asked about Ms. Li. He was totally shocked when he learned that she was well and alive. He thought she’d have died long ago.