(Minghui.org) When we encounter problems or even a serious tribulation, we may feel a sense of despair and not know what to do. But if we change our way of thinking, things may turn around or the problems may just disappear.

When a conflict takes place among practitioners, we may get angry and start pointing fingers at each other. In that situation, our hearts are being moved by interference.

When that is the case, we can look at things from a different angle. We might consider if others have something more important on their minds or if, perhaps, this practitioner’s cultivation state is being tested and he may still have some strong attachment or if she is just being humble and does not want to speak up.

As long as we truly look at our thinking and approach things according to the Fa, practitioners will cooperate to get the best result. Everyone involved will then improve in his or her cultivation. Oftentimes, right after we rectified our thoughts, things changed before we took any action.

I read an article on Minghui about a practitioner in the middle of a severe sickness karma attack. Fellow practitioners came to help and send forth righteous thoughts. Some of them also reminded her to look inside. Everyone was concerned.

This practitioner told them that she was okay, that they should not worry about her and should just leave her alone.

They were mystified: “We came here to help you recover. Now you tell us not to worry? What are you thinking? Since you’ve told us to stop worrying, we will leave you alone.”

The next day, they saw her again and she was totally fine. Everyone was amazed that she recovered so quickly!

She said, “I told you to stop worrying about me. When you let go of your attachments about my condition, I recovered in no time.”

Other practitioners recalled similar experiences in detention: When they cultivated their thoughts and looked inside, their attachments did not bother them so much.

They could still do the three things well, and the guards were not so mean. On the other hand, when they harbored strong fears or attachments, the atmosphere would be negative. The guards suddenly got demanding and even violent.

When we all look inside for our own attachments and don’t blame others, and when we remember that we are cultivators in all situations, our cultivation environment will improve. We will be able to cooperate more effectively, and we will be able to help save more people.

If a practitioner will look inside for his own issues and react to everything with rationality, wisdom, and righteous thoughts, nothing can stand in his way. All difficulties we face are temporary. I know of many such examples that I will share.

Strong Righteous Thoughts Dissolve Family Objections

When the communist regime began to persecute Falun Dafa, a practitioner encountered strong objections from his family. They told him to stop practicing and cut off his contact with fellow practitioners.

The practitioner did not protest and understood the pressure his family was facing.

He calmly told them, “You all know Falun Dafa is good. I will not change my position and will not stop practicing. If you really think my belief affects your lives, we can disown each other and publish it in the newspaper. Then no one will blame you.”

His family realized that he was serious, so they compromised and said they had no objection. The practitioner’s strong righteous thoughts dissolved the tribulation!

Practitioner’s Children Stand Up to Employers' Pressure But Get Promoted

One practitioner has grown children who work for the government. When the persecution started, she never worried about her children’s careers being jeopardized because of her belief. Instead, she encouraged them to have strong faith in Falun Dafa.

Her children were sympathetic to Dafa, so when their supervisors told them to pressure their mother to stop practicing, they said that their mother greatly benefited from Falun Dafa; as her children, they were not in a position to tell her to stop. They would choose their mother’s life over their career advancement! And if the supervisors thought their mother’s personal belief was hurting their job, they would consider resigning.

The supervisors were touched by the response and said that their jobs wouldn’t be affected by their mother’s belief. Her children were even promoted!

Practitioner Recovers Quickly with Strong Faith

One practitioner survived several car accidents and bouts of sickness karma in the past few years. She passed these tests with a righteous mind.

One day when she was dealing with sickness karma, a relative visited her. Shocked to see her so feeble, the relative began to cry.

The practitioner told the relative, “Don’t worry about me. I am not going to die. I still have karma to repay and have to suffer a bit more.”

The relative asked her why she did not tell her children.

The practitioner said, “They are busy at work. Also, I don’t think they could help me in any way. It would just make them worry. I have survived quite a few tribulations, including several car accidents. Had I not practiced Falun Dafa, I could not have survived. Trust me, I will not leave this world before I succeed in cultivation!”

With strong faith in Master and Dafa, she recovered quickly.

Practitioner Sent to Forced Labor Camp Because of Her Loophole

A practitioner was quite proud of her cultivation state. Others also admired her and believed that she was better than most other practitioners.

One day, she was arrested and sent to a labor camp. Several other practitioners were also arrested but later released. She couldn’t understand why this happened to her because she felt she had cultivated better than the others. Since she failed to look at her tribulation according to the Fa, the evil was able to take advantage of her loophole.

Practitioners Released after Looking Inside

Practitioners Min and Hui were arrested while they were telling people the facts about Falun Gong. Min told Hui that she was followed before she joined Hui and apologized for causing Hui’s arrest.

Hui said, “Please don’t think that way. We all have our own issues. If I did not have attachments, I would not have this tribulation.”

After a good sharing, both Min and Hui gained a clearer understanding of the Fa principles. Both managed to leave the detention center without making any compromises.