(Minghui.org) A rumor circulating among practitioners in China suggests that we should not watch or listen to Master's lectures given in Dalian and Jinan and that the only video and audio recordings we can keep are the ones of the lectures Master gave in Guangzhou.

Some practitioners have even asked others not to keep the videos or the audio recordings of the Dalian and Jinan lectures.

We have consulted the Minghui.org editors, who replied that they never published such an announcement, nor have they ever made such a request.

Master said in Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. Fa Conference:

“Zhuan Falun is a systematic work of Dafa, secrets of Heaven that can enable a person to Consummate. Meanwhile, except for the Lectures in Jinan, Lectures in Dalian, and Lectures in Guangzhou videotapes, which are similar to Zhuan Falun and have been published, lectures in all other regions are only lectures given in keeping with individual, different realms, or given targeting the situations of students in different regions. They aren’t universal.”

The video and audio recordings of the lectures in Jinan, Dalian, and Guangzhou were authorized by Master and have been published and in circulation for many years. These materials are all available for purchase at Tianti Bookstore, which specializes in Dafa books.

No matter what observations this rumor was based on, practitioners should confirm with Minghui before publicizing and circulating such a suggestion, because it is a big and very serious issue.

Fellow practitioners, please understand the severity of suggestions about destroying Dafa audio and video recordings.