(Minghui.org) My husband told me on October 28 that there was a Falun Dafa poster on one of the windows in our building, and it had been glued onto the glass.

My husband knows all about Dafa, and had advised his colleagues and friends to withdraw from the Communist organizations. However, he did not like that someone glued a Dafa poster to the window.

“Practitioners are of noble character,” he said, “but doing so has lowered the effectiveness of the materials. Even those posting advertisements glue only one corner, so that it could be easily removed. The cleaning staff of our residential area will be very upset! Distributing brochures and fliers won't bother anyone, but the windows are to let sunlight in. I can't agree with that, although I'm supportive of Dafa. It would be harder for others to understand why someone did this.”

I took a look at the poster on the window and two DVDs left on the windowsill. One of them was the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. The other was about selected programs of NTD television from August to September. I took a look at the content of the NTD programs. It has many programs about current international politics, adding up to hours of viewing time. Even if someone finishes watching all the programs, he would not learn the truth about Dafa.

I think it would be better to distribute DVDs published on the Minghui website. Most people do not have the time or patience to watch many hours of TV programs. One time, I downloaded a truth clarification DVD from Minghui and watched it with my husband and my son. They were very interested in the content at the beginning, but got tired long before it finished.

The persecution has lasted for 18 years. In the first few years of the persecution, it took great courage for practitioners to distribute truth-clarification materials to the public. Now, we need to be more effective in our approach when distributing informational materials. We have to be thoughtful and efficient in what we do, and make sure our actions will not create any negative reaction.

Household mailboxes are not good places to post information. One time, I noticed a mailbox completely covered by three truth-clarification brochures. I was worried that the owner of the mailbox would be upset, so I moved them to a public location. We have to consider other people's feeling when distributing information.

Some ordinary people say we practitioners only focus on what we want to do. This happens mainly because some practitioners lack consideration of others, although our Teacher tells us to think of others first. We need to understand that the format of our truth-clarification is a reflection of our cultivation realm.